10 Small Design Details That Make a Big Difference in Your Home

10 Small Design Details That Make a Big Difference in Your Home
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    If you’ve ever looked around your living room or bedroom and thought, “This could look so much better,” you’re not alone.


When looking to spice up your living spaces, there are a variety of small details that can actually make a big difference in your home!

  • Functionality:

    No matter what pieces you pick, they should still remain functional. Try to avoid purchasing items just because you think they’re cute or match your color scheme. Try to find things that are cute, match your color scheme and have something extra, such as hidden storage.

  • Comfort:

    Adding things around your home that provide comfort is one thing you can do that will make a big design difference.

    Don’t leave your couches and chairs bare. Add a personalized throw pillow or two to your seating options in your living room.

    Create a space that you want to spend time in. That will make a big difference in the design of your living spaces because things will appear cozy and warm.

  • Measurement:

    Before you purchase the things that you like, make sure they’re going to fit! The worst thing is having an item shipped to you and realizing it doesn’t fit.

    Take note of the dimensions listed on the website or the box in the store and make sure you’ve measured the area where you want the item to go. This is especially important for big items, such as beds, chairs, couches and coffee tables.

  • Simplicity:

    If you struggle to make design decisions (let’s face it–we can’t all be Joanna Gaines), remember to keep things simple! Go for some classic personalized home decor touches, such as blankets, pillows and photo frames. Designing your home doesn’t have to be stressful–and you don’t want to make your rooms feel cluttered.

    Adding simple touches here and there, such as a couple of candles on the coffee table or a line of three pictures on the wall, creates a minimalist approach to your decor without making your home feel empty.

look for: decorative wire basketlook for: abstract wall art

  • Textures:

    If you’ve been browsing Pinterest lately, you probably have a home decor board filled with pictures of design ideas for all the rooms in your home. Look back through those photos. What do you notice about the texture of the materials in those rooms? One of the best tricks to make some big design differences in your home includes mixing up textures.

    A lot of times, we think we have to maintain the same type of item throughout the room, but a lot of people are choosing to mix textures, such as wood and metal or linens and glass. If you have a wooden dresser or bed frame, try finding some metal accent pieces, such as photo frames or clocks.

  • Statements:

    Sometimes, we want our decor to reflect our personality–and that’s perfectly fine! If you have a bold, outgoing personality, don’t hesitate to incorporate that into your decor decisions. Purchase some striking statement pieces, such as artwork or a centerpiece bowl. You can find some of the most unique items in antique stores, so peruse those for some pieces to add to your collection.

  • Lights:

    When deciding how you can change up your decor, think about lighting! You don’t want to have just one type of lighting. Invest in some string lights, a table lamp and a floor lamp with different bulb shapes or designs to add some dimension to the lighting in your living spaces. That way, you can pull lighting from different sources to create different moods.

  • look for: pendant lightinglook for: modern arc floor lamp

    If you’ve got friends over for a get-together, turn on the string lights. If you’re curling up for a movie with your significant other, turn on the floor lamp–and if you’re just spending the evening catching up on a good book, switch on the table lamp.

  • Painting and Colors:

    If you can paint your walls, change up the color on them to make them decor pieces! Pick a focal wall and make it drastically different than the other walls, such as a navy blue focal wall with supporting white walls. Many people have started painting their wooden and brick walls, too. If you are looking for a change, painting is the perfect way to go.

    look for: white sofa setlook for: modern window blinds

    You could also purchase some removable wallpaper that reflects a pattern or theme in your decor. It’s great if you like to change up your decor often! No matter what, you always want to make a stark contrast between colors, but make sure to pick colors that complement each other!

  • Likes and Dislikes:

    Don’t pick something to go in your home just because it fits the rules. At the end of the day, you want to make sure the pieces you have in your home are there because you actually like them. If you want to make sure all the pieces in your home remain cohesive, take pictures of your current rooms before going decor shopping!

    You’ll have a great way to reference your rooms while you’re out, and showing a picture to the store employees can help them show you perfect pieces to add to your decor. Some stores allow you to upload room dimensions into their sites, so you can get a sense of what the items will look like when they’re in the room.

other valuable tips:
  • Creations:

    Some of the best decor pieces are ones you have made yourself. If you attend wine and paint nights, workshops where you create your own items, or your kids bring home art projects, include them in your decor! You can create a shelf in your living room or have your kids’ hand-drawn pictures framed and hung on your focal wall.

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