6 Tips to Renovate Your House Beautifully Yet Economically

6 Tips to Renovate Your House Beautifully Yet Economically
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    When you own a home, it's fun to imagine the different ways you can personalize it.

    You might spend all your time in the kitchen and want to invest in counter space or change your guest room into an office.


There are plenty of ways to renovate your house, but it isn’t always a smart idea. When you make big changes to your home, you want to think about if it will help or hurt your home if you decide to sell. It’s better to make renovations if they add value to your property, but how can you know where to start?

Check out these six tips to renovate your house beautifully yet economically. You’ll save money and add value to your home, so see if any of these tips are right for your home.

1. Clean Every Room

Renovations can’t happen in a cluttered room. Spend a few minutes during your next free evening or weekend cleaning the rooms that need the most attention. You’ll discover more space to work with, which might help you figure out how to make smart changes.

An empty closet or cleared out bookshelf could be what you need to move things around and change the vibe of your home. If it saves you money and opens up your home, cleaning could be an easy renovation that fits your budget.

2. Start With Small Changes

You may have spent hours browsing through photos of kitchens and bathrooms on the internet, dreaming of making your home look the same way. Instead of jumping into a huge renovation project like replacing your roof, start with small changes. Think about replacing the carpet in your living room or switching out your kitchen appliances for updated versions.

Even changing the light fixtures in your home will transform how it appears. These changes also bump up the value of your home, since any potential buyer will pay more for updated appliances, lighting and carpet.

look for: interior door levers brass interior door knobs oil rubbed bronze

3. Invest in New Paint

Think about the last time you painted a room in your home. You might not have changed the beige walls your home came with, but a fresh coat in a new color could make your home worth more. Some colors boost your home’s price if you intend to sell. Think about painting rooms an oatmeal color or a tranquil shade of blue to enjoy a new interior design that won’t turn away potential future buyers.

4. Consider the Exterior

It’s easy to imagine changes you’d make to the inside of your home because you see it the most often, but don’t forget the exterior. Certain changes to the exterior home might make you the most money. If you renovate your garage door, you could see a 110% ROI increase, no matter how long you wait to put your home on the market. Give the project a few hours and your garage will have a new appearance.

5. Reupholster Your Furniture

You might dream about getting new furniture but can’t find room in your budget for it. Instead of splurging big on something brand new, reupholster your old furniture for an economically sound renovation instead. Reupholstering will make everything appear new and can solve your decorating problems. It also allows you to keep the comfy furniture you’re used to instead of sacrificing a comfortable couch for something new.

6. Research Your Preferences

Once you spend time thinking about the renovations you’d love to do, you should research your preferences to make sure they’re your smartest options. You might choose to buy a new wardrobe, but could you buy it cheaper somewhere else? Compare reviews on different contractors to get the best service for your money or think about if you’ll use your renovation to sell your home.

A few minutes spent researching could change your renovation experience. It’s always good to walk into a project knowing as much as possible, rather than throwing money at a problem and hoping it gets solved.

other valuable tips:

Decide on Your Purpose

The only way to know if a renovation will be economically sound for you is to decide on the purpose of your work. Are you changing the paint color in your home to match your personal design preferences or is it to draw in potential buyers once it’s on the market?

If you don’t plan to sell for a few years or more, it might be worth it to reupholster furniture rather than pay for new appliances. Either way, projects like replacing your garage door will add value to your home and make it more beautiful than ever before.

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