10 Ways to Create a Backyard Pool Oasis for Your Kids

10 Ways to Create a Backyard Pool Oasis for Your Kids
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    Your pool is the best feature in your backyard and, if you have kids, it is their main source of outdoor fun all summer.


If you want to upgrade the fun for your kids, there are lots of features that can be added to existing pools. If you are going to install a new pool, you can design your pool to include those same features and more.

So if you are building a pool and you want it to be a feature for your kids, work with your pool company to get a pool that meets the kids’ needs today but which also will meet their needs as they grow older.

Think about adding multipurpose features. For instance, the lighted fountains your kids think are fun and exciting to swim through can be beautiful and romantic at night when the adults are having a poolside dinner.

Water features

Water features add to the fun for the kids, but they also provide beauty and sound when the pool is not in use. Incorporate colored lights with the water feature to really highlight your water feature.

Favorite features are the deck jets which send an arc of water across and into the pool. You can have the same effect in an existing pool by attaching the spray feature to your return jets.


Kids love sliding into the water. Slides can be anything from a simple playground style slide to a slide that is incorporated into the landscape and looks like a stream coming down a hill into the pool. The depth of the water at the entry point from the slide will determine the height of the slide you can install.


Change the lights in your pool to colored LED lights. If you have a backlit water feature, consider lighting the pool water with a contrasting color. If your pool has different depths, use different colors of lights to highlight the depth change. Don’t forget to light the area around the pool.

You need light for safety and to light the walkways, but you can also add to the fun with your lights. String colored lights through the trees or on the pergola or gazebo to add a party atmosphere. Highlight fun or unexpected features in your landscape with lights.

look for: rock waterfall swimming pool fountain


There are so many fun floats available today. Some are even meant to hold several people at the same time. There are floats that are shaped like a slice of pizza or a pineapple, or maybe your kids would like to float on a swan or a unicorn!


Add a poolside basketball hoop or stretch a net across the pool and play water volleyball. There is a floating basketball hoop that the kids can play a water version of Horse. Maybe change the name to Shark! There are floating versions of the football toss game available also.

Outdoor Kitchen

You might not think this is a design feature for kids, but if you have teenagers, you know it is! It is incredible the amount of food they consume and how frequently they need to eat. Instead of having them making frequent trips into your kitchen from the pool, stock your outdoor kitchen with plenty of drinks and snacks to keep them satisfied.

look for: bbq kitchen island outdoor kitchen island

Fire feature

A fire feature can add to the romance for the adults, but what kid doesn’t like S’mores? Let the kids cook their own hot dogs over the fire. Try making popcorn over the fire instead of in the microwave. It’s camping without the tent! Choose a fire feature that will be versatile and meet both needs.

Sound system

If your current poolside music is coming from your I-phone, your teens may really enjoy a good outdoor-rated sound system by the pool. Speakers can be hidden in the landscape if you want and provide state of the art sound quality for your family and guests. Music is such an important feature for all ages that this is an improvement which everyone will enjoy.

look for: stone firepit pool side dining set


Lots of people put TVs on their patios. Why not place the TV where it can be viewed from the water? Everyone grabs their favorite float, and you watch the movie from the water. Plan a party for shark week and watch Jaws from the water!

Beach Entry Pools

The beach entry pool is becoming the newest feature in new pools. These pools are designed with a large area at one end of the pool that has a very gradual slope into the water. It eliminates the need for stairs or a ladder to enter the pool.

The advantage of these pools is it gives an extensive area of shallow water for young children to play in. Because it is shallow, the water is warmer than the rest of the pool water, another feature that is desirable for small children.

The beach entry pool is also fabulous if you have a disabled member of your family or for the elderly who have difficulty with entry by stairs or ladders. The negatives are that they take more space, and they are only possible as an inground installation, which is more expensive.

other valuable tips:

Some people build on the beach theme and landscape with a seashore look of palm trees and even sand surrounding the pool. Even the utility buildings are designed with the beach theme look.

As you can see, making your pool kid-friendly can range from very inexpensive toys and floats to a complete makeover of your backyard into a destination spot for your kids and their friends. Whatever you decide, and your budget will allow, any addition to your pool and its surroundings will make the fun combination of kids and pools into an extraordinary experience.

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