Selecting and Installing a Pet Door

Selecting and Installing a Pet Door
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    These days pets, whether it is a dog, a cat, or some other animals, have a special place in our homes and hearts.

    Things aren't like before when most people just kept animals outside.

    Our furry friends are equal family members, and we want to make them happy.


Everyone who owns a dog or a cat knows that two things make them thrilled. One is eating their favorite treats, and the second — being outside.

When you are living in the house with a yard, enabling them to go outside whenever they want is not at all complicated. But if you are constantly interrupted by the cat’s meowing or dog’s barking to open the door, you can get frustrated. After all, you aren’t anybody’s door person. In this case, installing a pet door to give more independence to your four-legged children sounds like a great idea.

Before Choosing a Pet Door

Before getting into the pet door installation for your furry friend, you need to measure him or her. These doors vary in size, so you want to make sure that it is adequate for your pet. The door should be at least 2 inches wider/higher than your pet. If it is too small, animals may refuse to use it.

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If you have a puppy or kitten, check out full-grown size for their breed.If they are mixed, then you can ask the vet to make the estimate of size based on weight for dogs and back lags for cats. Measuring a weight of a puppy will help you calculate the potential size when she or he grows up, tall back legs in kittens indicate that you will have a big cat.

Types of Pet Door

When you decide to get and install high tech pet door in your house, you might run into a problem of choosing the type that will suit best your pet’s needs. If you decide to buy and not to make a DIY pet door, you will see that there are so many variations that you start to have a headache. We understand how perplexing it can be to make a choice: we were once in your shoes as well.

That’s why we created this article on pets expert advice to discuss the things you should pay attention to when looking for the right entrance for pets and propose some models that we like. Ultimately, the decision about what kind of pet door you are going to buy is, of course, yours.

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  • Automatic

    If you want to make sure that your pets are the only animals who come to your house, then you need to set up an electronic pet door. It has all the functions of an essential pet door, but it offers more. Same as manual options, it can be installed in main house doors, sliding glass doors, windows, walls.

    Due to the microchip that is mounted in your animal’s collar, the pet can go in and out without a problem. The cool thing is that this door can automatically raise the flap when your pet is approaching to let her or him inside.

  • Mounted

    This must be one of the most popular pet door options, particularly because of the convenience and price. Most of these doors come with a single flap, but you can get one more if you add a bit of extra cash.

    You can easily install them at any door on the market. Also, it is quite easy to close them as they come with a magnet. It may wear out in time, but it is also easily replaceable. Considering that your dog or cat frequently goes out, you should keep in mind to look for a pet door with an aluminum frame as they are the most durable.

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  • Patio

    A patio panel, also known as a glass pet door, is a good option for all those who don’t want to cut their doors to make a special entrance for a furry friend. It has a premade opening for animals. A lot of people like them because it is quite easy to teach pets to use them.

    Another reason is the easy installation since you need to find the right size for your pet. Dogs are generally free to go inside and come back as they please, but if you, for some reason, want to keep them in the house, you can use a lockup panel.

  • Installed In Wall

    Some people prefer to install a wall pet door because it allows them to have their pets precisely in the room they wanted after she or he comes back from playing outside. These doors can be installed on both inner and outer walls. To fix this type of door, it is better to invite a professional than trying to do it yourself.

    Here the question is not just how to make a pet door flap but also how to avoid hitting electrical installations or something similar. That’s why it is better to ask for help from an experienced handyman regardless of how crafty you are.

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Here we are, at the end of our article. We hope that we managed to encourage you to pick the best pet door and establish a path to the independency of your little furry friend. Remember, you will also benefit from installing it because there will be no need for you to let your pet in or out all the time. Do you have a pet door in your house? How did it change the life of your animals?

Author’s Bio:
R.Hudson is a veterinarian and a dog whisperer. She shares her home with 5 beautiful adopted dogs and three cats. She writes a column about her experiences of living with such a big furry family. Hudson also advises people on how they can improve the lives of their pets as well as their own.

Image credit: by Pixabay

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