Advances in Window Technology: How They Benefit You and Your Home

Advances in Window Technology: How They Benefit You and Your Home
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    Greener home improvements are at an all-time high.

    In fact, continued interest in what some have speculated was just a trend has made it possible for homeowners to enjoy more comfortable and efficient living spaces.


The best thing about this is you can reduce your carbon footprint in the environment, while benefiting from a healthy return on investment. A large number of manufacturers take this “green interest” into account when producing new products. These include the top brands in the window industry, allowing for replacement units that excel in durability and energy performance.

If you’ve always wanted to replace your old and failing windows, now is the perfect time. With advances in window technology available today, keeping a pleasant indoor environment all year round, minus the higher energy bills, is worry-free. To ensure that, here’s what to look for in your replacement windows:

Exceptional insulating Value

Damaged windows can account for up to 25% of your home’s energy bills. That’s why, if you’re investing in window replacement, make sure that your new units come with great insulating properties. You can do this by checking the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label included with your new units. NFRC has established a set of guidelines that measure a product’s’ energy performance. This way, you can compare windows and make more informed purchase decisions.

For instance, a window’s U-Factor determines how well the units conduct non-solar heat flow. The lower the number provided, the more energy-efficient the replacement unit. This means your new windows have a durable, airtight seal that prevent heating energy from escaping your home. The type of framing material your units use can affect the U-Factor, plus its longevity and performance.

The options available today can be overwhelming, so weigh their pros and cons. Wood, for example, is excellent at insulation, but is prone to moisture and rot. It will require constant maintenance to keep it in top form. Vinyl, on the other hand, is almost maintenance-free, but it expands and contracts when exposed to extreme thermal changes. Composite material may be the better choice. It offers the strength and insulation value of wood, coupled with vinyl’s low maintenance requirements.

INSULATION VALUE MATTERS. Choosing a window framing material with lower U-factor ensures more energy savings.

Effective Solar Control and UV Protection

The insulating action provided by your new windows’ framing material may help with energy savings, but you can add more to it. Most windows today can provide access to considerable natural light without the heat that usually accompanies it. Choose ones that have a low SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient), the factor that measures how well a window unit resists unwanted solar heat to allow for cooler interiors during the summer.

Because you rely less on your air conditioning, you can save more on cooling bills with a low SHGC window. Windows with higher SHGC, on the other hand, are better at keeping heat inside the home, making them especially handy during colder months.

The glass included with your new windows can affect SHGC. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it pays to choose replacement units that have spectrally selective glazing, like low-E (low-emissivity) coatings. This way, you can enjoy cheerful, sun-filled rooms without the heat gain. At the same time, low-E window glass can lower ultraviolet transmission, protecting your interiors from sun damage. This means lower risks of fading for your carpets, walls, and furniture.

ENJOYING A COOLER HOME. The type of glass you choose for your new windows makes a big difference in keeping a pleasant indoor temperature.

Improved Sound Control

Excessive heat isn’t the only thing your new windows should keep out–they should also effectively handle noise transfer in your home. For this reason, select windows with multi-pane glass and gas fills. This helps minimize exterior noise by keeping air leaks at bay, allowing for more tranquil living spaces. Like framing material, gas fills come in many options. There are replacement windows, for instance, that come with argon gas, which deliver excellent insulation while avoiding discoloration or seal failure.

Maximized Daylight Levels and View

Window performance can also be measured through visible transmittance. This factor rates how effectively your new units light up your home naturally, with a higher number meaning more visible light will be streaming into your home. To benefit from this fully, determine your home’s daylighting requirements. Choosing windows with high visible transmittance can potentially save you money on artificial lighting during the day.

Unrivaled Good Looks

It’s a testament of today’s awesome technological advances that manufacturers can create windows that can deliver top-notch energy performance without compromising beauty. Windows come in many styles, ranging from classic double-hung and casement to sleek picture and gliding, but you also won’t lack opportunities to personalize your new units with extensive customization options available in the market today.

DUAL BENEFITS. Technological advances has allowed for windows that can save energy without compromising aesthetic appeal.

You can even choose specialty windows with their distinctive shapes and sizes. You can augment these standard features with more contemporary components, including colors with exceptional fade resistance. There are even finishes that can emulate that traditional look of wood grain you love, minus all the maintenance. This is particularly useful when you’re aiming to preserve your home’s historical accuracy. You can top these off by choosing durable and elegant hardware, either in metallic finishes or solid colors.

Expert Installation

Advances in window technology extend to the way the units are installed. To fully enjoy your new windows’ superior energy performance, you’ll need to hire reliable window contractors who have been properly trained for the job using the right tools and equipment. Reputable professionals will also know how to take precise measurements and follow applicable building codes. They will also comply with the manufacturer’s quality standards to maximize your new units’ rewarding features.

Easy Maintenance

Contemporary replacement windows have also undergone design changes to improve maintenance ease, constructed to be easy to clean and made using durable materials that don’t require a ton of maintenance to keep performing well. This means newer replacement windows will not require more than the usual cleaning to stay at their best. This not only lets you enjoy convenience but also offers savings from maintenance costs.

With window replacement taking significant time and money, you need to make sure you can get the most out of your project. Fortunately, these advances in window technology can make it easier. Choose smartly and you can benefit from beautiful and durable windows that can help you keep a thermally comfortable home all year round. Should you wish you learn more about replacement windows, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a window expert in your area.

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Alex Esler is the marketing manager for Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco. She is an integrated marketing professional with a digital focus, driven and inspired by her work to help homeowners find the window replacement solutions they are looking for. For updates from Alex, check out the company blog!


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