Common Things That Can Go Wrong During a Home Renovation

Common Things That Can Go Wrong During a Home Renovation
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    Most people have some experience of a nightmare renovation, or have at least heard about one.

    Often, people cause their own nightmares by undervaluing the project or hiring the wrong contractor.


Here are some of the main things that can go wrong during a home renovation project.

Your Quotes are Too High

If your budget isn’t very big, then you might struggle to find a contractor willing to complete the work for you. Before you begin, it’s important that you do some research into how much things are going to cost.

A professional contractor will expect to be paid as such. If you receive a low quote, it’s a good idea to ask yourself if they are the real deal.

You Don’t Apply for the Correct Permits and Get Caught

Unfortunately, this happens a lot during renovation projects. A lot of homeowners don’t think that permits apply to the work they’re undertaking, or they guess at whether the work requires a permit or not.

Permits are part of the law and apply to all property owners.

The Contractor Can’t Handle the Project

All contractors are trained to different levels. A kitchen fitter may be brilliant at installing a kitchen, but asking them to fix a leaky roof isn’t a great idea.

Make sure you find tradesmen who are experienced and qualified to complete the job they are taking on. A great tip is to ask your contractor if they can show you examples of work they have completed in the past. Looking at these pictures will give you a greater understanding of how competent they are.

Unforeseen Circumstances Occur

Houses can hide a wide range of secrets, including crumbling foundations, bad wiring asbestos contamination, black mold, or even pest damage. It is a good idea to keep a little bit of money aside in case any of these occur.

Getting the professionals in to sort out any problems is a good idea, for example, if your house is full of rodents, then it’s a good idea to contact professionals like Attic Projects Services who specialize in rodent removal San Diego.

look for: building permit codes construction tool belt

You Run Out of Money

This can cause a lot of problems during a renovation. You should work alongside your contractor to make sure that everything is planned correctly in order to try and avoid any hidden costs. Instead of focusing on high-end finishes, start by focusing on the basics such as the concrete drywall and your windows and doors.

If you need help getting the funds in place, then find a mortgage broker who can help you. In some cases, you may be able to apply for a bridging loan. When your renovation is complete, you will be able to re-mortgage your property, which should help to cover the costs of your renovation.

The Quality isn’t Acceptable

The saying goes “you get what you pay for”. However, this isn’t always the case in home renovations. Rushing into arrangements with a contractor may leave you disappointed. It’s your job to ask questions about every part of the project in order to ensure it meets your expectations.

other valuable tips:

Not all home renovation projects are a nightmare, so make sure you don’t let these scenarios put you off. Remember, before you start, find a contractor who you trust and can work alongside in order to make your renovation a success.

Find a contractor who can manage expectations, sells value, delivers results and owns any issues. They are the ones who will turn your dreams into reality.

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