Motorized Blinds & Shades: Regulating Light, Temperature and Air Flow

Motorized Blinds & Shades: Regulating Light, Temperature and Air Flow
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    Finally, a practical way to manage harsh lighting conditions on balconies, patios, and interiors.

    A solution that is so versatile it can encompass an entire sliding glass wall, a cathedral window, dome, or small, decorative windows.


Motorized window solutions not only make interior decorators smile, they give homeowners complete control over how much light, air, or warming sunlight to allow in their homes. They help ensure privacy. Perhaps most importantly, they are the ultimate opportunity to display our discriminating good taste. 

While window walls provide us an intimate look at our world, we can sometimes be at their mercy. Gentle midsummer vistas become unyielding autumns with harsh lighting and unwelcome heat. Don’t avoid these rooms for several weeks each year; instead, utilize motorized blinds and screens and gain complete control over the amount of light and air flow that enters your home.

Where privacy is an issue, motorized privacy panels gently glide into place to provide complete blackout coverage. This solution is also practical for west facing windows. It helps eliminate heat gain and helps keeps cooling costs to a minimum.

Motorized shades and screen options are diverse. Choose from single shades that cover entire window walls, or individual panels that provide complete control over lighting and air flow. These translucent blinds can be matched to any color scheme. Enjoy morning breezes without squinting against the rising sun. Watch sunsets without recoiling from the glare.

Foldable glass walls and cathedral openings extend our outdoor living areas but can often be overrun by unwelcome guests that only an entomologist would love. Motorized retractable screen solutions not only protect us from this onslaught, but encourage fresh breezes throughout our homes. Whenever we increase air flow, our health improves and cooling costs are decreased.

South-facing windows are often angled to absorb the heat-giving rays of the winter sun. During summer months, however, temperatures in this environment can soar. Motorized block-out panels are a welcome and stylish resolution to this dilemma.

When unwelcome heat and glare permeates skylights, motorized shades provide instant relief. Motorized screens are equally helpful because they release trapped hot air and promote upper air flow that prevents additional heat from accumulating on ceilings.

Motorized window treatment innovators are utilizing this technology in exciting ways. Applications not only include shades, but vertical panels, drapes, adjustable horizontal blinds, and bottom-up shades. Both formal and informal window coverings can be adapted to this technology.

Blind and shade motorization doesn’t have to be limited to window treatments. Consider the home theater environment where an unsightly television screen is quickly removed from sight. This motorized blackout screen perfectly matches its enclosure. Notice that the individualized window treatments near the fireplace not only look elegant, they promote complete privacy.

Whether we have expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, or elegant affordable window walls, motorized screens and blinds give us the flexibility we need to keep indoor living temperatures pleasant, promote airflow, and create ambiance. This exciting technology is available now, and Rose Sun Window Coverings is a leader in developing new applications and practical solutions.

Michele Duchet is an Interior designer in Toronto Canada, and he works with schools and homeowners to help create a safe an elegant decor, that feature electric blinds and shades along with retractable screens.



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