Sunday Morning Tip for May 13: Disguising Unsightly Features In Your Garden

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for May 13:</span> Disguising Unsightly Features In Your Garden
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    A well maintained garden is not only a place of beauty but it can add 10% to your home's value.

    However, even after landscaping your garden, unattractive objects around your property can spoil its overall appearance.


Some external aspects of a homes such as propane tanks and air conditioning units simply can’t be moved as they are essential for the smooth running of the house. Other elements like bare walls and long fences are just boring and lack luster. However by using plants, attractive outdoor structures and features they can be disguised and effectively removed from sight.

Plants and Climbers

Vigorous and fast growing vines like Virginia creeper will quickly cover bare walls, unattractive fencing, sheds and garages. It will provide effective coverage and turns a beautiful range of colours during fall. Attaching wooden trellis will give the climber something to cling to and can look attractive in itself while you are waiting for plants to take hold. A vertical wall of plants is another alternative to hide a blank wall and is also great for small yards where you don’t have much space to grow plants.

Statues and Sculptures

Some elements in your garden such as telephone poles can be disguised by placing another landscaping device like a statue or a tall conifer tree in a planter in front of them. These features can also be used as a distraction, creating a vista to draw the eye away from unattractive views like a neighboring property that you can’t do anything about.

If you have had trees completely cut down and are left with an unsightly stump in the ground, why not think about making it into a feature. With a small chainsaw, which is also useful for trimming bushes and branches, you can carve out a small seat or simple sculpture.

Screens and Storage

Screening is a very quick and effective way to hide unsightly but practical aspects of your garden. You can install it around the area where garbage cans are stored or to hide the grill when out of use, however, it is important to remember to leave plenty of space around units that need ventilation or access for servicing. Smaller garden items like hose pipes can be kept in wooden storage boxes or benches to keep them out of sight.

When you’ve spent time and effort on improving your home and garden, eyesores that can’t be moved are annoying and distracting. By hiding the necessary but unattractive external elements of your home you can forget they are there and enjoy every aspect of your garden.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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