Weekly Tip for Mar 20: A Brief HVAC Tune-Up Guide

<span>Weekly Tip for Mar 20:</span> A Brief HVAC Tune-Up Guide
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    Your HVAC, or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, needs a regular tune-up, just like your car.

    Maintenance can help you spot potential problems before they grow into full-blown problems and your HVAC professional make repairs as needed.


If you wait to call an expert until there is already a problem, you may be facing expensive replacement or complex repair, or you may have to pay for entirely new equipment. Take care of your HVAC system, and it will take care of you and your family. A HVAC tune-up may involve the following steps.

General Tune-Up

If you call an expert to make a HVAC tune-up, you can expect him or her to check the thermostat and other controls to ensure they are working properly. Irregular heating and cooling may not be caused by an internal malfunctioning in a device, but a basic issue with the placement of the thermostat or controls that are not switching on and off. The voltage and current on the motors are tested for efficient delivery of power to your system.

You can save on electricity and avoid outages if the moving parts receive the right amount of lubrication. During a tune-up a professional will apply the appropriate kind and amount of lubrication on specific areas of the device to ensure smooth running. Heating, cooling, and ventilation systems have drains that remove condensation, and these drains needs to be checked for blockages and be cleaned regularly by a HVAC service professional.

Heating Tune-Up

Potential problems with your heating system may not just be inconvenient but can create a fire hazard. Have an expert check your heating system annually. This means that he or she should inspect gas or oil connections, burner combustion, and the heat exchanger. Improper connections or cracks in the equipment can cause sparks that can lead to a fire. In addition, an expert can locate a potential gas leak before it poses a danger.

Cooling Tune-Up

A professional will look at your air conditioning coils and clean them. Coils that contain debris cannot work properly to cool your home. Refrigerant liquid levels will also be checked, since too much or too little of this liquid can lead to irregular cooling. The expert will also check of refrigerant liquid leaks, which could pose a safety hazard. The air conditioner blower will be inspected and cleaned, since a blower that is not clean is not energy efficient.

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What You Can Do Yourself

You don’t have to wait for a yearly inspection and tune-up to maintain your HVAC system. Change your air filters at least every two months to promote smooth airflow. Install a programmable thermostat to ensure regular interior temperature, and make sure your heating and cooling ducts are sealed and in good repair.

Invest in your home and your family’s comfort with an annual HVAC tune-up that will ensure your systems are working efficiently. A tune-up can aid in troubleshooting problems. Even minor damage can lead to inefficient heating, cooling, and ventilation, and may even create a safety hazard, so give your HVAC system a regular check.



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