8 Ways to Get a Zen Living Room

8 Ways to Get a Zen Living Room
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    Your living room is probably one of the rooms you spend most of your time in - it's the place your family gathers, enjoys watching a film or a pleasant chat.


It needs to be a comfortable space that helps you live all the problems outside. If you want to feel relaxed the moment you step into it, then you should introduce a few changes into it that will turn it into a Zen living room.

1. The right dominant colors

The goal is to choose a calming color that complements the furniture and decor beautifully and eases your mind. That is one way of creating the perfect living room. Light green or blue-green is completely serene, while unexpected solutions like mauve or deep blue are both relaxing and wonderfully elegant at the same time.

tabletop zen gardenzen wall art

Beige or lavender has a calming effect, too. Lastly, if you think opting for a simple white is boring and predictable, then off-white will be equally easy to combine with other colors but relaxing and airy at the same time.

2. Low lines

The thing with the furniture is that it shouldn’t be too “fussy” if you want it to contribute to the Zen atmosphere in the room. You should go for low, cozy, simple lines like the ones found in Asian and modern furniture. It is a way to avoid clutter in the living room and open up space. There are numerous furniture pieces which come in clean lines that allow for the eye to rest.

zen sofazen floor vase

3. Soft lighting

Artificial lighting is incredibly important – it adds to the ambience and it can very well ruin it if you go for the white glare of fluorescent lighting. Recessed lighting is perfect if you want to achieve the Zen effect in the living room. It’s a streamlined type of lighting that feels uncluttered. It’s necessary for most of the light fixtures to come with a dimmer so that you can adjust the light according to your mood.

You can also experiment with color and lightbulb wattage and see what corner of the room needs different lighting. Don’t forget that you’ll probably have to read sometimes in the living room – get a lamp with a rice paper shade, which gives a very pleasant light for reading.

4. Natural light

Natural light gives us energy and makes us feel connected to nature; don’t shy away from it but allow it to enter the living room as much as possible.

zen lightingzen table lamps

Don’t go overboard with window covering – make it simple, sticking to white or natural sheers with few or no ornamentations at all. If you want more privacy, add bamboo blinds which will instantly soothe the atmosphere in the room.

5. Appropriate flooring

Maintain the natural Zen theme throughout the whole room, which also includes the flooring. It’s best if the flooring is wooden or stone – it goes well with everything and reflects the natural approach. For the areas perfect for a lovely floor rug, you can opt for sisal or a woven rug. Try to get sustainable materials here which are also comfortable for walking barefoot.

6. Power of plants and flowers

Let nature inside your home. Surrounding yourself with plants or placing at least two or three accent plants in the living room will make it much easier for you to relax in it. Greenery and colorful flowers bring joy and positive feelings into people surrounded by them. If you don’t really have a green thumb, then make sure you always have fresh flowers in a vase placed on a visible spot.

7. Effects of aromatherapy

A relaxing Zen living room looks relaxing, feels relaxing but it also smells relaxing. Having aromatherapy candles in the corners and on the coffee table will benefit the overall feeling of peace. There are various scents you can choose from, depending on what mood you want to incite.

aromatherapy candleszen soap dish

Lavender, caramel, mango or mint – these are just a few among many lovely options that ease your mind, help you sleep or focus or even meditate.

8. Water feature

Water sounds are known to have an incredibly calming effect on people, so no reason for you to be deprived of that just because you’re indoors. A small Buddha fountain is not hard to install in the living room, and it also serves as a decorative item.

zen water fountainszen wall art

If you can’t have that, then getting a relaxing noise machine will be a good alternative. they are not effective only for the bedroom but also for the moments in the living room when you want to quietly meditate or reflect.

Final comment

A Zen living room is something you should aspire to – it shouldn’t be a place of mess and clutter but a room where you can breathe freely and feel free of stress, too. Invest some time and money into it – the benefits will pay off greatly.

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