How to Choose the Right Wall Fountain for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Wall Fountain for Your Home
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    When trying to change the look and feel of your home, one of the best things you can do is look at wall mounted fountains. 


Wall Mounted Fountains – Beautiful Works of Art

Unlike anything else you would use to enhance the appearance of your home, these wall fountains have an almost magical presence.  Not only are these waterfall fountains beautiful to look at, but they also create a soothing sound that is ideal for creating a relaxing environment.

With hundreds and hundreds of options on the market for wall water fountains, choosing the right one can be an overwhelming experience.  While a number of factors go into this decision, the three most important include your home’s décor, the size and configuration of the room, and of course, your own personal preference.  With these three things in mind, you will have a much easier time narrowing down your choice when you head out to shop.

Unlike other types of fountains, wall water fountains literally hang on the wall, much like a beautiful piece of art.  Typically, wall fountains are larger than other options but again, with so many styles, you should have no trouble finding one that works for you, regardless of the room size.  In this article, we will provide you with some helpful tips on choosing the right wall fountain, one you will enjoy for many years to come.

  • The right size fountain should be determined based on the room and specifically, the wall on which the fountain would be hung.  Obviously, if you have a small wall, then you need a smaller size fountain.  Now, if the room has high vaulted ceilings but tons of vertical space, go with a vertical fountain.  The reason is that because a spacious room automatically draws a person’s eyes upward, you want to fill the space.  On the other hand, if your walls are smaller and the ceilings low, you would choose a horizontal style of wall fountain.  Otherwise, the room would appear cramped.
  • Another important decision that is unfortunately overlooked is that most waterfall fountains will stick out from the wall between four and six inches.  Therefore, you need to consider the traffic a room sees, ensuring this protrusion would not cause a problem.  All too often, a wall water fountain has been installed in what seemed like the perfect location, only to discover that every person walking by bumps into it.  Obviously, this would be something to avoid.
  • Now, if you are unsure the size or location where the fountain should be hung, you can make a cardboard cutout of various sizes and go through trial placements.  This would help you visualize the fountain, as it hangs on the wall.  If necessary, take digital photos of the various sizes and configurations, asking family and friends for opinions if you cannot decide.
  • Sometimes, people will use an existing electrical outlet for the fountain so in this case, you would need to consider the location of existing outlets.  Otherwise, a cleaner option is to have an additional outlet installed directly behind the fountain so it is unseen.  Consider also adding a electric switch for the plug for ease and convenience of turning the feature on and off.
  • Style of wall fountains is just as important as size.  For example, if you have a home with a traditional or country style, you would certainly not want to hang a copper and glass, wall water fountain.  With these materials being contemporary, you would have a clash of style.  Instead, a wall fountain made from limestone would be ideal.  Remember, in addition to the many different materials, water fountains also come in designs.  You will find some with lion’s heads, some with rock, and so on.  Always consider the style of the room, adding a fountain that will become a focal point but while also complementing furnishings.
  • Finally, think about the colors you have in the room.  Today’s waterfall fountains are simply stunning, created from a number of natural and manmade materials that come in various color variations.  Because of this, you want to choose the material that will also work with the color scheme of a room.  Together, the wall paint and fountain will look magnificent.

If you follow these 6 basic steps in your decision process regarding an indoor fountain you will be well equipped to make a wise purchasing decision that you will not regret.

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Garth Epp has been intrigued by how moving water can be used to create a unique, stunning and relaxing atmosphere within one’s living spaces.  Through his fascination with the allure of water, Premium Indoor, an information based website introducing visitors to the wonder of indoor fountains, was born.




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