Family-Friendly Living Room Makeover

Family-Friendly Living Room Makeover
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    You want to give your living room a huge makeover in order to make it more family-friendly, but you don’t really know how to get it done?

    If your answer is ‘yes’, all you need to do is to keep on reading because we’re here to help you out!


Here are four useful tips on how to make that happen and enjoy time spent with your family in the comfort of your own home, so check them out and get down to business!

Create an area that’s meant only for play

The first thing you should do when it comes to giving your living room a makeover is to create an area that’s meant only for play. This is particularly important if you don’t have a separate playroom, so be wise and turn one corner of your living room into a play area for the kids.

If you fail to do that, their toys and other stuff could easily spread everywhere – turning your entire living room into one huge playroom.

That definitely isn’t cool, so keep the constant mess at bay and make sure to get a cupboard or a trunk for your kids to keep their stuff inside.

You can even get chalkboard paint and transform one part of the wall into a huge blackboard so that your kids can have fun drawing on the wall which is designed only for such a purpose. And don’t forget a cool, colorful carpet!

Add your favorite family photos

Personalizing your living room with a dozen of your favorite family photographs is absolutely essential – especially if you want to make this room a place where the whole family spends a lot of time.

A bare wall above the sofa is one of the most perfect spots to hang the photos, so make sure to decide which ones you want to display in the first place. Apart from that, you need to pick frames which are identical in size and color, so that everything ends up looking extremely elegant and sleek.

If you want to make a strong visual effect, just arrange the framed photos in a grid formation. Remember that black & white photos are always a fantastic choice, but you won’t make a mistake with regular ones either. Then add a few potted plants and voila – your overall living room décor is all done!


Don’t forget to incorporate technology, too

As you probably already know, a living room is a place where everyone gathers and spends a lot of their time talking to each other, having fun, and watching TV, which is why you should incorporate technology into your living room as well. In order not to overwhelm the room and keep the wall space open, you should probably pick low units which will keep everything simple yet effective.

On the other hand, you can always go for a motorised TV stand that’ll allow you to hide your TV into a cabinet or a sideboard, which is a great idea if you want to keep your TV out of reach when you aren’t home. As for the gadgets related to the TV, you can keep them in decorative wicker baskets that’ll complement your overall interior.


Opt for durable furniture

When it comes to the furniture you should pick out for your living room, bear in mind that the pieces you’re about to buy should be as durable as possible. This is particularly true if you have toddlers who love to jump and run around with food in their hands, so take hardwearing leather sofas into consideration. These are probably the best possible choice because they’re really easy to clean, and guess what? They’ll look even better after a few years, so you can be sure that you won’t make a mistake with them.


As for the lighting fixtures, ceiling chandeliers should be your top choice, so skip those gorgeous and expensive lamps that are likely to get broken down. Chandeliers are an amazing option simply because they’re well out of reach of your kids’ little fingers. Speaking of durability, you should probably paint your walls in a wipeable finish, so that you can easily clean them instead of having to repaint your living room every month or so.

other valuable tips:

As you can tell, there are a lot of helpful tips on how to give your living room a makeover and make it more family-friendly. However, these four are undoubtedly the best ones out there, so be sure to stick to them no matter what if you want to accomplish this task like a real pro. After all, your living room is one of the most important places where your entire family spends a lot of time, so do whatever you can to improve it and you’ll love the final outcome – that’s a promise!

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