Sunday Morning Tip for Sept 22: Managing the Major Risks of Remodeling an Attic

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for Sept 22:</span> Managing the Major Risks of Remodeling an Attic
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    Whether you're looking to add an extra bedroom, convert it into extra living space, or simply trying to spruce up the space a bit, renovating an attic can often be a very rewarding undertaking.


Of course, there will be considerable planning and effort involved. Like any remodeling project, you should take into account the major risks. Here are some of the problems a homeowner might encounter when remodeling the attic and possible solutions to overcome them.

Ventilation is Key

Since an attic is unlike any other room in your home, the attic ventilation should be looked at differently. One of the first things a homeowner must make sure to do is leave about an inch of air space between the roof and the insulation.

If this step is not taken, it can create severe damage to the roof over the long term. If they don’t exist already, adding vents is the next logical step. There are a variety of vents for attics from the common small, square design to a more discreet version that runs along the peak of the roof.

What You Need on Hand

One of the unique risks of working on an attic is that the space isn’t built like the rest of the home’s rooms. An unfinished attic may be filled with sawdust, insulation, and even some animal droppings. There are many dangers even pros look out for, so don’t skimp on the equipment.

Some of the fundamental items you’ll need to safely renovate your attic include such things as masks and vacuum cleaners. You don’t want to fill your nose and lungs with dust, fibers, or organic waste. Never begin a project without taking these proper precautions. Neglecting them can be quite dangerous to your health.

Soundproofing Attic Floors

Those seeking to renovate an attic and turn it into an additional bedroom must understand that the floors will need to be replaced to cut down the noise of people walking around. If the right preventive measures aren’t taken, attic movement can really make a racket for anyone underneath. One of the best solutions to this problem is better floor joists. In addition to this, one could also fill floor spaces with dense-pack insulation to cut down the noise even more.

Any type of home remodeling can pose a challenge, but remodeling your attic is an entirely different matter. However, with the proper tools and planning, your risks will be minimized and your chances of a successful outcome significantly improved.

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