5 Different Ways You Can Use Quartz in Your Home

5 Different Ways You Can Use Quartz in Your Home
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    Quartz is a natural mineral created from silicon and oxygen.

    Quartz also comes in different varieties, one of which is a semi-precious gem.


For centuries, quartz has been used in jewelry, hand-carved items, and even to create surfaces inside the home. If you are fascinated with the natural stone, and you want to incorporate more quartz into your home’s design and décor, you are not short of options.

Whether you want the sleek and sophisticated look of blue quartz or the marble-esque appeal of milky quartz, you can incorporate more natural stone slabs and gemstones into your home to not only increase the value and appeal but decrease how much maintenance you do year-round.

Why Quartz is the Perfect Addition to Any Home

Quartz is one of the most durable minerals on Earth, which makes it ideal for home surfaces. It also has some of the most breathtaking designs.

Quartz comes in a variety of colors, including green, brown, black, cream, and even deep reds. Inside the slabs, you will see veins of various other colors along with a sparkle from the mineral itself.

Quartz slabs, unlike other natural stone, are engineered using ground quartz minerals and polyester resins. Manufacturers add pigments to make the colors pop, and some will use recycled glass and metal too for added flare.

The resins used to create quartz counters is what also makes them scratch and stain-resistant – and quartz countertops are one of the few that do not require annual sealing.

5 Unique Ideas for Implementing More Quartz Surfaces into Your Home

Quartz is becoming one of the most popular surfaces for kitchen countertops in the United States. While you can use it to create a bathroom or kitchen counter, quartz has other uses in the home too. These are options to consider when you have extra slab leftover after a renovation, or when you are looking for unique design ideas to use throughout your house.

  • 1. Create a Quartz Feature Wall

    Quartz feature walls create a dramatic statement in your house. Using a thinner slab, you can affix it vertically to a wall in your home for a contemporary, high-end look. With quartz slabs coming in a variety of colors, you can choose almost any to match your existing décor.

    Some homeowners add lighting effects to their quartz feature wall for extra “wow” factor. You can also use a quartz feature wall and create an indoor water feature, where the water splashes down the vertical slab of quartz combined with colorful lighting effects.

    Quartz can also be used as a way to break up built-in shelving in living areas and offices. It also works as an entryway feature.

wall spice rackquartz cutting board

  • 2. Use Quartz to Create Bathtubs and Showers

    Quartz is durable and resistant to mold and mildew, which makes it ideal in bathrooms and showers. You can use it as a shower or bathtub surround, and even if you have hard water cleaning it is a breeze. Quartz is very slick, however, so you should never use it as a shower floor or bathtub basin unless you have it specially finished to remove some of that smoothness. Some companies offer quartz with a honed finish, which keeps the surface flat, but safe to stand on when wet.

    You can use the same color quartz on your bath and shower surrounds as you do on the bathroom countertops for a flawless finish.

  • 3. Laundry Room Bench Surface

    Create a folding table, ironing board, and multi-purpose bench in your living room using quartz over other natural stone surfaces. It can withstand daily use, does not require annual sealing, and you can use a special ironing board pad to lay on top of the quartz bench surface and iron right on top – saving you the hassle of breaking out an ironing board every time you need to do your ironing.

    You do not have to worry about stains or etching if you accidentally spill laundry detergent either. However, you still want to use caution with bleach. While quartz is incredibly durable, wipe bleach up and cleanse with a gentle soap to prevent any permanent damage from bleach exposure.

  • 4. Furniture

    Quartz furniture adds a sense of elegance and luxury to any room in your house. Whether you use it to create a coffee table surface or side table, perhaps an entertainment stand, or even as the top of a desk in your home office, quartz is the perfect surface.

    You can even pick out the slab and order a custom furniture piece that is 100 percent unique to you and your home. Even better, quartz’s durability means that you have a piece of furniture that will last your home the test of time – making it worth the extra investment.

    Thanks to its natural heat resistance, you could even use quartz to create a custom fireplace surround and mantle.

  • 5. Cutting Boards and Serving Trays

    When you are using quartz slabs for your kitchen renovation, you will have a small sink cutout portion. Instead of letting the manufacturer throw it away, keep that piece and turn it into a cutting board or serving tray.

    The sink cutout is the perfect size for either, and then you will have a custom, unique tray to use when entertaining.

    Quartz’s naturally cold surface makes it perfect as a cheeseboard too. You can request the manufacturer cut it into a unique shape as well – so that it doesn’t look as though it was your sink cutout.

Bottom line, quartz’s durability, aesthetics, and fuss-free features make it the perfect surface to use anywhere in your home. While these five are great starting points, there are dozens of more ways you can use quartz in your home as a decoration, furniture surface, or even backsplash.

other valuable tips:

Work alongside a company that can help you maximize the potential of quartz slabs in your home. After all, if you are going to invest in new furniture or surfaces, why not choose one that saves you time and money in the long run?

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