How to Add a Luxury Aesthetic to Your Home… On a Budget

How to Add a Luxury Aesthetic to Your Home… On a Budget
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    Ideally, everyone would be able to afford to decorate and style their home in whatever way they desire.

    Unfortunately, budget restrictions are real and can curb our ability to create the living space of our dreams.


But, does it have to? Creating a luxury space on a budget isn’t necessarily impossible, it just takes a little bit of creativity and some sacrifices in order to achieve effectively.

So, with that in mind, here are some of the best ways you can add a luxurious touch to any living space… without breaking the bank in order to do so.

Add Fresh-Cut Flowers

Attention to detail is key when attempting to create a luxury home on a limited budget. And what better way to achieve this than with fresh cut flowers? For a weekly expense of less than $10, your home can suddenly look and feel more expensive.

And even if it doesn’t help offset the cheaper furniture or other budget choices instantly, it does give the impression of a well-cared-for home. Which in itself can be a luxury addition to your living space.

Throws, Pillows and Accessories

Decoration is at its heart a distraction technique. No, you may not have the biggest or most luxurious space to work with, but the right decoration choices can transform even a one-bed apartment feel like a veritable palace.

And a large part of this choice can come through the throws, pillows and other accessories which you choose to adorn your room. The more luxurious accessories, the better the whole premium aesthetic of a room can come across.

Choose your accessories wisely and you may be surprised by how amazing a space can become based on the accessories alone.

Curb the Clutter

Clutter and the like is one of the surest ways to make a space look cheap, no matter your good intentions. The more knick-knacks that you keep crowding your shelves and various surfaces, the cheaper your home will look. This is why having good storage solutions to help curb the clutter can be a great option.

Add more chic and less rubbish, you will be surprised by how much more luxurious your home can feel after one sold decluttering session.

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Re-Paint the Walls

Want to transform a room overnight? The simplest and easiest way to do so is to add a fresh coat of paint to the space. A quick, simple and easy solution to changing the whole aesthetic of a room with little effort. And, better yet, you can get a luxury feel with good color choice without spending a fortune on the can of paint needed to do so.

For example, it’s a simple choice, but, royal purple has an instantly luxurious feel to it. Add this color to the walls of your bedroom and accessories to match; almost instantly you will find yourself residing in a royal boudoir. It’s a simple paint choice, but can ricochet to affect the style choices across the rest of the room. So consider color and paint choice carefully in order to instill a luxury feel at none of the extra cost.

Choose Statement Furniture

And of course, how can you create a luxury aesthetic in any room without considering the furniture needed to do so? Sometimes one expensive statement piece–even something as simple as a luxury corner sofa–can be exactly what you need in order to create a luxury feel, without breaking the bank on the rest of the room.

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Final Thoughts

Keeping expense down when re-decorating a home can be a difficult endeavor. But, a budget can help you to create the space of your dreams even more so. As every purchase, design and decoration choice needs to be carefully considered prior to being executed. So, don’t dismiss a potential luxury feel on the basis of not having the budget for such an endeavour. Instead, consider how you can manipulate the budget you do have in order to achieve the decor of your dreams.

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