General Home Décor Ideas on a Low Budget

General Home Décor Ideas on a Low Budget
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    You can decorate your whole house, barely spending any money, by unleashing your creativity. This post will help spark your creativity.


You may be on a low budget or in a rented accommodation, but that does not mean that your general home décor has to take a beating. All that you require is a bit of creativity and you can have a truly unique and really beautiful house.

Get those boxes out.

So you were planning to throw those packing boxes away? Don’t do so. You can put these to much better use. Fill them up with books or stuff that you do not normally use. Now cover these with wrapping material or even an old bed sheet. Your side table is ready! Use these for placing your show pieces or artefacts. Or else, these can be your coffee table!

You have unique curtains.

A new house has differently sized doors and windows. It becomes difficult to get new curtains each time. But that does not mean that you live without curtains and compromise your privacy.

Take out those old bed sheets and table cloths. Try pairing up different types of old curtains. Printed ones on the side with plain ones in between look truly cool. Try hanging an old tablecloth by tying it up on the curtain rod. Make sure that your knots are similar.

In case you have some thin, flimsy material, gather it up and hang it outside your wash-rooms. This will give a unique look to your rooms. Even if your room has different curtains for each window, it will still look great!

Décor for the kitchen.

In case your kitchen has no cabinets, do not fret. Get those fancy plates out. Now use these as decorating items. Place these in front and keep all the pots and pans behind them. Fancy cutlery hanging on the wall at strategic locations renders a beautiful look to your kitchen besides making it more functional too.

Go green.

Nothing looks better than greenery in your house. If you have no time to look after potted plants, get some artificial flowers and vines. Nothing can beat the look of a vine draping your living room.

Bring cheer to your bedroom with vases full of flowers, even if they are artificial. Keep small pots in your bathroom, kitchen and even at the entrance.

Use toys.

Do not keep those stuffed toys away. Place them on your chairs, sofa and even on your rug. You can even hang these from your curtain rods. They look good and provide a welcome feel to the place.

Decorate the walls.

Those drawings made by your toddler do not have to be locked away. Paste these on the walls. Have one on your entrance door. Put them over any broken tile or any place where the paint is chipping away. Besides making your child happy, you are providing a happy look too.

As you can see, home décor is not just about buying expensive stuff and placing it in your home. You can be creative and make your home really unique and beautiful.

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