Renovating Your Bathroom? 4 Steps to Prepare the House

Renovating Your Bathroom? 4 Steps to Prepare the House
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    Beginning a bathroom renovation can be a major benefit to your home and household, but the process comes with its own inconveniences that you need to prepare for.


Whether you’re making minor changes that take a day, or major renovations that last several, you’re going to want to make sure that you and your household are ready. You can take these four steps to prepare your house for an upcoming bathroom renovation to reduce both the risks and the damages involved.

Arrange Bathroom Alternatives

You and your family require unrestricted access to your bathroom for everyday grooming needs, sanitation needs, and personal hygiene needs.

Losing access to your bathroom for even a day can be a great detriment to the daily routine of your household unless you make other arrangements.

Even if you have a spare bathroom, renovations often require turning off the water for varying periods of time, making restroom availability unpredictable at best. Restroom trailer rentals have all of the amenities of a small bathroom, easily taking the place of one being renovated.

Protect Your Flooring

Undertaking a complete renovation of one of the most-used rooms in your house can be a messy endeavor. The carpeting surrounding your bathroom is a common victim of such a mess. Dust, debris, and even water from a bathroom renovation can find its way into the rest of your home and onto your carpets.

Lay down plastic sheeting or a disposable area rug over your carpet and flooring surrounding the area. This will help prevent your children from tracking dust about the house, and ensure that the equipment and contractor boots won’t cause any damage to your floors.


Make It a Kid-Free Zone

A construction zone is no place for children. There are so many things that can hurt them or seriously injure them that cautionary measures to keep them out of the area will be extremely necessary. Installing a high-security baby gate in the halls leading toward the construction will help keep the area isolated from curious hands. This should especially be a top consideration if the bathroom door has been removed.

Talk to the contractors to know where best to set up the barriers to keep the kids out, and ensure that you set strict rules with the children themselves so that they know that the construction area is firmly off-limits.

Designate Waste Space

Renovating a bathroom means that you could be looking at accumulated piles of drywall debris, flooring debris, and other discarded materials. This debris will pile up quickly in between weekly sanitation pick-ups, so you should look into renting a residential dumpster for all of your construction garbage. Providing a designated waste space like this will ensure that debris isn’t left out where children could reach it or where it could damage your property.

other valuable tips:

Don’t wait for the construction to start before taking measures to prepare and protect your home and family. Make sure that everyone is aware that the bathroom will be off-limits for a while and ensure that they know what alternative options are available.

Talk to your family about the measures you’re taking to keep the house safe and clean during construction; and discuss the options with the contractors, as well, so everyone is on the same page throughout the process.

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