9 Home Improvement Projects That Require Extra Research

9 Home Improvement Projects That Require Extra Research
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    Owning a home means having to maintain it over the years to ensure it looks appealing and can increase in value.

    Over time, certain home improvement projects may be necessary when specific areas of the home become outdated or lack functionality.


If you’re ready to start a few new projects on the property, many tasks and upgrades require extra research before you get started. Take into consideration these nine home improvement projects that require extra research:

Backyard Landscaping

Backyard landscaping may seem like a minor project to begin but requires further research due to the various factors involved.

When planning your home’s backyard landscaping, begin by creating a focal point, which can be a water fountain, a gazebo, or a series of shrubs. It’s also necessary to focus on scale and pacing.

Make it a point to repeat some elements, which can be a specific color or type of plant to create uniformity in the backyard and will cause it to look professionally designed. Creating a seating area will also allow you to sit back and have a place to relax while taking in the view.

Heated Driveway

Those who live in cold climates and experience snow during the winter season often want to avoid having to shovel the driveway each day.

Fortunately, heated driveways melt the snow and allow the homeowner to save time and enjoy a bit of convenience with a radiant heating system that is installed.

Selecting the correct materials is critical to a project’s success, and with hundreds of concrete mix options, it can be hard to choose. Heating mats can be installed in different zones with special tape specifically used for heated driveways to secure the coils and hold them in place. The cement can be poured on top before it’s smoothed out and fully.


Mudrooms are increasing in popularity among homeowners because they’re efficient and are ideal for those who spend a lot of time outdoors before heading back inside.

You’ll need to research the most functional layout for the space and how to create extra room for storage. You may need special hookups or to have pipes moved for upgrades, which means consulting the help of a professional plumber.


It’s also necessary to research different organizational features that can be installed, which includes hanging hooks, installing dividers in drawers, and adding an area for shoes to be placed.

Minor Kitchen Upgrade

You may want to give your kitchen a minor upgrade if it’s outdated or isn’t easy to navigate. You’ll need to research if you can change the layout of the room and if new appliances need to be installed if your old products consume too much energy. Researching the top trends and gadgets to install will allow you to select which options to include.

You may want to install motion-sense faucets or a refrigerator that alerts you when you’re running low on a specific food item. Researching if you need to install new cabinets or can reface them will also allow you to make the best decision with how you invest in the upgrade.

Deck Addition

Deck additions increase the quality and appeal of the backyard and can make it easier to entertain outdoors. You’ll need to research the appropriate size of the deck to install to ensure it doesn’t overpower your backyard or take up too much space.

Taking into account the color of the wood used can also bring your deck to life. You’ll also need to research features you can install to increase the versatility of the deck. Common features include built-in planters and benches.

Installing New Countertops

After several decades, it may be time to replace the countertops in the kitchen or bathrooms of the home. There are now more options when it comes to selecting the right type of material to install. Consider your budget in advance to narrow down your options with the types of materials you can install.

You’ll also need to research different styles to ensure it complements the space and looks contemporary. The durability of each type of material is an additional factor to consider depending on where it will be used. Marble is prone to stain easily, which may not make it ideal to use in the kitchen if you plan to cook and entertain a lot. Quartz has a similar look but is more durable and comes with a lower price tag.


Entry Door Replacement

Installing a new entry door can increase the security of your home and also boost the curb appeal of your property.

Homeowners can recoup an average of 74.9% of their investment, which makes it an ideal home improvement project to perform.

You’ll need to research the different types of materials of doors, which vary in their durability, price, and style.

Installing Energy-Efficient Insulation

Those who want to save more money on their energy bill each month can consider installing energy-efficient insulation to control the temperature in the building throughout the year. You’ll need to research the best material to install, as well as how to caulk holes or cracks that are present around doors or windows, recessed lighting, and around electrical sockets.

Roof Replacement

After several decades, it may be time to replace your roof to protect the interior of the building. Research the different available materials. You can choose from asphalt shingles, clay tiles, slate tiles, metal panels, and wood shingles.

other valuable tips:

The climate in the local area will determine which type of material will have the most durability. Researching the different styles of roofing materials that will complement the look of your home and will ensure it contributes to the overall appeal of the property.

Knowing which projects require extra research to be performed safely and correctly will allow you to avoid headaches or complications that can arise while improving the quality of your home. With careful planning and the right tools utilized, you’ll find success with each task that is performed as you increase the overall appeal and functionality of your residential property.

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