Garage Door Types You Should Consider When Making Major Upgrades

Garage Door Types You Should Consider When Making Major Upgrades
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    A durable overhead garage door is one thing people notice when they see your home.

    But there will come a time when you need to make major upgrades to it or even a complete overhaul.


When deciding on this major change, of course you’d want to choose the best type of door for you. Perhaps you need to consider what type of look you wish to achieve first when surveying door types.

In addition to their durability and style, make sure you choose one that matches the design of your home. That way, it would be a great way to improve your home’s exterior look as well.

In helping you decide, here are the different types of garage doors to choose from.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional doors are a popular type because they provide additional security. They’re best suited for homes that aren’t situated in high-traffic areas. The majority of sectional doors have dual locking mechanisms: one for the garage and another for the house itself. These doors also offer more room for storage.

The advantages and disadvantages of sectional garage doors are generally determined by the particular design that you choose, as well as the type of material that it’s made from. By making an informed decision, you are bound to make the correct choice regarding which type of door to get.

Before surveying for designs in sites such as, consider these following pros and cons:

  • Advantages

    There are numerous advantages to having this type of door installed in your home.

    Sectional doors are available in the traditional upright and the ‘up and over’ designs, as well as the sleeker and modern look that are now becoming popular in the home design industry.

One of the greatest advantages of choosing sectional garage doors is the fact that they can be fitted to a wide variety of homes.

If you live in a studio apartment or a small house that you intend to convert into a fully furnished home, then the design possibilities will be endless.

  • Disadvantages

    The disadvantages of this type of door are somewhat limited to those that do not want the flexibility found in these doors. If you live in a small house and would like to change the look to something more modern, then this door may not fit the look you desire.

Roll-up Garage Doors

This type of garage door is more common in commercial applications, often made for buildings with limited ceiling space as it conveniently rolls around a drum on top of the door opening. This type is made to withstand heavy usage. However, because of its heavy-duty nature, its installation cost is typically higher than a sectional garage door.

  • Advantages

    There are many reasons to consider buying a roller garage door. The main reason would be that it makes a garage look more appealing by lending it a more modern appearance. Its stylish design jazzes up the house with it.

    Another good reason to consider it is that they tend to make it easier to keep your car protected from the elements, and it’s more convenient to readily access your vehicle when you need it.

The benefit of using a roller door is its relative quietness of use compared to other types of doors. This type of garage door doesn’t produce any sort of squeaking sound, unlike some types that could be very irritating. They also tend to provide a better amount of insulation compared to others. This means you will have a better-insulated garage if you choose to buy this door.

One last benefit of the roller type of door in your garage is the fact that it comes in a lot of different finishes. You can find them in different colors and sizes, too.

garage door knockersgarage door handles

      some garage hardware to consider      

You can even find doors that can be made into an office-type garage so that you can have a little bit of privacy at work, or you can install ones that look like standard doors, but with a slide-in handle for easy access. If you’re thinking of purchasing one of these types of doors, it would be wise to take a look at the different options that you have to get the one that you want the most.

  • Disadvantages

    When it comes to the variety of design selections, roller garage doors are unfortunately limited. This type of door is made with panels, which are difficult to customize if you plan to use a differently-colored paint.

    If you need to change to a different garage door because of its appearance, changing it could be costly. The small design selections are also frustrating to many homeowners.

Canopy Garage Door

Also known as a single panel garage door, the canopy type comes with vertical tracks used to flip the door open. This kind of door needs a manual operation. But since it is created with a torsion spring, closing or opening the door manually won’t be a problem.

Canopy garage doors come with cables on the side, which make them easy to operate. Also, this kind of garage door is lighter than the other types of garage doors.

  • Advantages

    If you’re looking for an affordable garage door, then this type might be a smart choice. Although this type of garage door is quite uncommon these days, it’s still a viable option if you’re looking for a reliable garage door with less maintenance.

  • Disadvantages

    You need to ensure your car isn’t parked very close to the edge of the garage since a canopy garage door opens by swinging the door outward. Forgetting this detail could accidentally damage your car.

    Also, this kind of door is noisier when opening or closing it, so that’s one aspect to think about if you’re not too keen on noisy equipment or parts.

Slide To The Side Garage Doors

This type of door opens by moving to one side of the garage wall, and are often installed in garages with limited headroom. It runs along lower trolleys and doesn’t need balancing springs.

If you’re thinking about replacing your garage door, note that this kind also comes with a built-in retractable motor when operated automatically. Thus, there would be no need to install a ceiling-mounted operator if you settle for this choice.

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

The classic garage door type swings horizontally as you open and close it on either side, so it’s designed like a typical door with the opening mechanism relying on a hinged frame. This kind of garage door is usually made of wood, but galvanized steel door designs are also available.

garage cabinetsgarage overhead storage

      some garage organization to consider      

This door type is preferred by homeowners with limited headroom in their garage. It also comes in pre-hung steel frames or can be made to fit into a current door opening. Using certain conversion arms, this kind of garage door can also be automated.

How To Choose A Garage Door Type

Now that you know the different types of garage doors and the pros and cons of each, the next aspect you should ponder on are the specs that fit your needs.

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Home Size

    The type of garage door that you’ll choose will first be determined by the size of your house. For instance, if you live in a big one, you may want to consider buying a door that’s large enough to fit your garage, and also sizable enough to provide easy access for entering and exiting your garage at the same time.

    However, if you live in a house that’s quite small, then you would want to consider purchasing a smaller-sized door to allow room for movement in your garage.

  • Lock Or Opening Mechanism

    Another aspect that’s important to consider is the type of lock that you will be using with the door. There are locks that could be opened manually, and there are those that will work with an electronic system.

    There are also locks that will allow you to use a combination of the two, and there are even programmable ones so they don’t have to be re-keyed each time you come across the code. This aspect might sound minor at first, but it could later be useful to jive with certain aspects of your lifestyle.

  • Security

    It’s always a good idea to purchase a door that has all the great security features. If there are security gates designed to keep unwanted people out of your property, there are also garage doors designed to protect your vehicles and other items from damage.

    If you’re big on protection and security, it’s important to think about these safety features. Check to see if they’re available on various types of garage doors before finalizing your purchase.

  • Design

    One feature that’s commonly included with these types of doors is the ability to change the style of the door; the design could transform from being a traditional roll-up to an archway style.

    Another feature is the ability to add a window to the front of the garage. These are just some of the special features available with all types of door models, so you could customize the door according to your current or future needs.

  • Materials Used

    While these doors might appear like they’re made of the same raw materials, it’s still a good idea to know what specific materials were used in making the door you’re choosing. Ensure that it’s sturdy enough and that it will hold up.

    You can choose from a door made of wood, metal, or plastic, depending on your preferences and priorities. Validate the material closely, as you don’t want to make a big mistake in the long run.

garage floor matsgarage floor covers

      some garage flooring protection to consider      

Additional Tips

Choosing a garage door isn’t a minor decision because it can affect many things at home, including energy efficiency and your family’s security. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind to help you choose the perfect one for you when thinking of upgrading your old garage door.

  • Good quality doors have been built with the most modern technology, so they’re going to last for many years to come. They’re also very reliable because they have very strong springs and other components. If you live in a cold country like Alaska or Canada where winters can be very harsh, this is an ideal thing to have.
  • Garage doors can also come in remote-controlled types, aside from the usual manual ones and the hinged or spring types. If you have some sort of mobility issues, the remote-controlled option could work wonders for your daily life.
  • If you like having your own space to park your car, then you may want a self-closing door. There are various styles of this kind to choose from. A door with a swing mechanism in it is especially nice. Many doors have a swivel mechanism that will allow you to swing the door closed and open it.
  • If you’re the type of person who loves to drive all over town or even through your neighborhood, then you will probably be interested in a door that slides. This type would be easier to operate than an overhead door and will save you time, too.
  • You could be out of the garage in no time, and you could just as easily slip back in. Just check if it also comes with an easy type of lock, or if your preferred locking mechanism could be installed with it.
other valuable tips:
  • These days, you can get automatic doors that have everything preset. It’s great if you have the space for these, though they could be a bit costly than most. But if you can afford them, they would be a great addition to your home.

Final Thoughts

Once you have all the features you’re looking for and have made a decision on which door is going to work best for you, then you should talk to a reliable local company about the garage door installation.

In many cases, the installation of these types of doors can be done by a professional. You should make sure that the company you’re contracting can install the door in a safe and secure way so that you don’t end up having any accidents that can be potentially dangerous.

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