Creative Designs to Help Your Garage Stay Organized and Stand Out

Creative Designs to Help Your Garage Stay Organized and Stand Out
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    If your garage is in a nightmare state of chaos and clutter, these tips can help you get organized and spruce up your garage.


The garage of today is often neglected and used as a storage space for modern homeowners. It’s easy to cram it full of junk in a completely unorganized way, leaving only enough space to fit in one car and a jumble of unused bikes. But it doesn’t have to be this way—you can reclaim the space that’s rightfully yours with just a few easy modifications and changes to better store your stuff and use that space more efficiently. If your garage is in a nightmare state that makes you look like a hoarder, fear not; read on to find out some of the best hacks to getting your garage back in shape.

Wall Space and Overhead Space

One of the biggest mistakes people make in allowing their garages to become nearly unusable is by storing things in an inefficient manner. Garages are great because there’s typically a lot of unused space within them on the walls or overhead near the ceiling. Large items like bikes or even lumber can be hung on the walls with some simple mounted brackets. Large or small toys can be kept out of the way by doing the same thing too. You can even create a simple ball holder out of some bungee cords strapped onto small wooden frames and mounted on the wall at the top and bottom of holder. Garden tools and landscaping tools like rakes and shovels are also easy to mount on the wall for easy access and organized storage. If there’s a place for things to go in an organized manner in the space that’s largely unused, you’ll have a clean and roomier garage much more often!

Hanging Tools with Peg Boards

If you’re a handyman or a DIY mechanic, you’ll want to keep your expensive tool collection clean, out of reach of children, and organized for any projects that come your way. Peg boards allow you to mount tools easily on the wall for quick access and simple storage. But peg boards aren’t the only option – you can also get clever with placing strips of velcro on the wall and putting a small portion on all your tools so you can hang them without hassle.

Estimating Car Space

Most people who are lucky enough to have a two-car garage rarely have enough room to squeeze in even one vehicle. What many fail to remember is that garages were meant to store cars, not provide a storage space for clutter! A garage will protect your car from theft, environmental damage, and the countless other dangers it could be susceptible to if left in the driveway or out on the street. Specialists at car dealerships in St George recommend estimating the garage space needed to accommodate your vehicle, clearing this space out, and leaving about four feet of extra room for future storage. This will ensure you can still store your car if you end up needing the garage space for other items.

Shelves for Storage

If you have a lot of stuff in your garage, say Christmas decorations, pool cleaning materials and tools, or other miscellaneous items that just need a place to stay, shelving is another great option to consider. Shelving doesn’t have to be expensive either, but just functional. It’s possible to make your own shelving by buying some wood at a lumber store, or even putting together pre-made plastic shelving that likely isn’t expensive either. Just make sure that the load you intend to place on your shelving isn’t too much. Ask for help at the store you purchase your lumber from, do research online, or find out how much your plastic shelving can hold. Once you have your shelving in place, you can also organize your things with large tupperware containers and mark them with masking tape and/or sharpies to find them easily when they’re needed later.

Folding Work Benches

Work benches are a necessity if you’re a carpenter or handyman of any sort and see your garage as a place of refuge and productivity. These workbenches, however, don’t have to be a constant obstacle for you to maneuver around. You can install a folding work bench that can stored against the wall, or even better build one that utilizes the wall as one of its braces when fully extended and opened. This way you’ll have a work bench that’s ready to use in seconds and can be folded up and stored just as quickly.

Garages are a part of your home that deserve at least some attention if you want to get the most out of them. Follow these tips to clean yours up and make it useful and organized again, but don’t stop here! Do some research and ask around, as there are plenty of other ways to make the most out of your valuable garage space.

Image credit: Garage Storage Shelf Solution by Bill Hutchison, on Flickr



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