Roofing Restorations – Tips and Tricks For Colorbond Steel Roofs

Roofing Restorations – Tips and Tricks For Colorbond Steel Roofs
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    You don't want to wait until a week of solid rain to discover that your roof really isn't up to scratch anymore.


Although patch repairs will get you through a few winters, you ideally want to get your roof under control before you are looking at major repairs and a full roof replacement rather than a simpler (and cheaper) roofing restoration.

Roofing Repair, Restoration or Replacement

Much of the time people only start to look at their roof when they’re buying or selling a property, when they discover a leak, or when they’re up on the roof cleaning the gutters and notice that the roof is starting to look a bit tired. With luck you will notice before the first leak and be able to get on top of things.

  • Repair

    This is generally the easiest option, replacing a cracked tile or a rusty sheet of corrugated iron. Your tradesperson will be able to advise if the repair is just a temporary fix and recommend a timeframe if they think you should look at restoration. If a lot of your roof needs to be repaired, then you may need to look at a full replace instead.


  • Restoration

    This is where your roof is given a new lease of life. Cleaned, leaks fixed and repainted if needed, often a sealant or moss guard will also be applied. This can be done for almost any type of roof, whether tile, corrugated iron, flat iron or asphalt. Generally, this will be preferable that a full roof replacement, both from a costing point of view but also timing and convenience.

    Another advantage to restoration over replacement, if you can get away with it, is that there is very little rubbish to remove; with a full roof replacement your roofing contractor will obviously need to strip the old roof and replace any rotten frames before installing your new roof.

  • Replacement

    This is where the old roof is removed and replaced with new roofing material. At this stage you may wish to look at changing the roofing material (for example, going from tiles to corrugated iron). You are looking at up to a month for a full roof replacement, and although this can be a great option if you want to make major renovations, it is also an expensive exercise that most people would prefer to avoid if possible.


Colorbond Steel Lasts Forever

Although Colorbond was a revolutionary product when it came on the market – and anyone who has had to repaint corrugated iron every few years will attest to this, over time, particularly in the harsh Australian sun, it will start to fade. A Colorbond steel roof generally has a guarantee that will cover your roof for at least 15years, up to 30 years in some cases, but this comes around surprisingly quickly, and sometimes you are going to need to look at colorbond roofing restorations.

What Is Colorbond?

Although the term Colorbond has become a common term to refer to bonded/pre-painted roofing iron, it is actually the brand name of a type of roofing iron produced by BlueScope and has been manufactured since 1966. Of course, the technology, fashion trends and color range has increased since then.


The roofing iron goes through several processes to ensure that it is fit for purpose in severe weather. Despite colloquially calling it iron, it is actually made from prime roofing grade steel, and comes with a fire rating designed to withstand most bush fires.

It has a base coat that is designed to resist corrosion, a ‘pre-treatment’ coating that world like a primer to help colour stick, another layer of a different type of corrosion preventative then the color topcoat. All of which is baked on rather than brushed, so there is rarely flaking or blistering of the surface.  

Although Colorbond steel doesn’t need repainting because of chips or flakes, over time it does fade. Unfortunately, this rarely happens evenly, and is particularly noticeable with darker colored roofs. Although you might find the odd bit of flashing that needs to be redone or a few roofing nails the could be replaced, one of the primary reasons for looking to restore a colorbond roof is simply because the uneven fading is starting to make your house look bad.

Of course, restoration of your roof will not only bring life back into the home and improve the overall appearance of your property, but it will also help increase the lifespan of your roofing iron – which is going to save you money in the long run.

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Getting Your Roof Right

Because colorbond has been around for over 50years, if your roof happens to be that old (which does happen in areas with less extreme weather conditions!), or if you are restoring your roof because of fading, one of the biggest issues that you are likely to face is color matching. This is where you really need to ensure that you consult with a professional roofer who knows about colorbond steel roofs.

If you are having the entire roof restored this may be less of a problem, but if you find that it is only one side that have been badly affected by the sun then you will want to try and match colours as close as possible. Don’t rely on online color charts, you really need to see a color book in person, and if possible, ask to see a color sample on steel.

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