Determining If Your Roof Needs Repaired Or Replaced

Determining If Your Roof Needs Repaired Or Replaced
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    The roof undergoes external wear and tear every day.

    This is caused by factors such as strong sunlight, winds, hurricanes, accumulation of snow, debris on the roof, rodents, and other extreme weather conditions.


All these cause regular damage impacting negatively on a roof’s lifetime. How often your roof needs to be replaced depends on several factors, such as:

  1. Quality of material used
  2. The design of the building
  3. Yearly maintenance
  4. Local weather type
  5. Ability to keep pests away
  6. Age of material

Being able to determine when you will need your roof replaced or repaired is therefore crucial, and below are some things to check out for


A general benchmarking rule used by many contractors is the 25-30 year rule. If your roof is more than 25 years old, there is a big chance it has lived its time and requires to be replaced. The most popular materials used by people for roofing do not have a longer life expectancy than that, and this is what makes them more affordable.

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors gives estimates on how long roofs made with different materials will last. Asphalt shingles which are some of the most popular materials last for about 20 years.

Once your roof has reached these years, it is essential that you call for an inspection from a roofing company to get a proper assessment whether you will consider the need for a new roof replacement.

Moss And Algae Growth

Moss and algae mostly grow on roofs that do not get enough sunlight, especially in regions that frequently experience cold weather. Debris on the top can also provide a home for these lichens to grow.

These plants hold moisture for long durations of time, and this causes damage to the surface of the roof. They also cause dark spots that make the roof unattractive, as the shingles appear and look dirty.

Some roofing material makes this lichen easy to remove, and consulting with a professional or contacting the manufacturer can help you determine if it is safe for removal. If approved, one should move ahead to have them cleaned from the roof.

Roofs made from materials such as tile can easily be power washed to clean the lichens and help regain some of their former sparkles. However, this is not applicable for everyone; some roofing types will get damaged or discolored if you attempt to remove the growth and will therefore require a complete replacement.

People should keep the roof clear to reduce the chances of the occurrence of moss and algae. This also helps improve water flow, making the roof last longer. However, this is not a complete deterrent, and there is still a considerable chance moss and algae will begin to grow.

Sunlight Or Water Through The Roof

If your roof is damaged, water will start slipping through into your house. This can easily be determined by seeing spots on the top. Observing sun rays filtering through while in the attic also indicates spaces on the roof.

A soft sagging ceiling is the most common indicator that water is slipping in, and it is being damaged. These are clear signs that you need a roof repair. This has the potential to not only damage other parts of your house but also cause harm to electronics and other equipment.

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A leaking roof can also be extremely uncomfortable for the people living inside. Therefore, it is vital that you call professional help as the roof may need a complete overhaul and new replacement.

Curled or Cracked Shingles

A wide range of factors can cause curling of shingles from poor installation of the roof, moisture accumulating underneath caused by insufficient ventilation, or just general wear as a result of old age and hostile weather conditions.

Curling in the middle, which is commonly referred to as clawing or on the edges(cupping), causes water to run backwards under the shingle leading to possible leaks. Cracked shingles need to be repaired as these cracks will allow water to travel between the shingles. If your new roof starts developing these, you should inform the manufacturer so that they can cover labor costs using a warranty.

When this begins to happen, it will lead to even more significant problems in the future, and it is important that the roof be replaced or repaired.

Granules In Your Gutters

If you can spot granules in your gutter, this means that shingles are wearing off are being carried by rain to the drain and eventually build up in the gutter. This will soon expose the asphalt underneath, causing it to get damaged.


Granules are also essential as they keep sun rays away from your home. If they fall off, this is likely to cause rapid deterioration of your roof. It may be normal for new asphalt installations to shed some granules, and this is a common occurrence, but if your roof is ten years or older, it is a sign that a severe problem is about to come, and the roof may need to be repaired or replaced.

Sagging Roof

If your roof begins to sag on the sides, you should immediately get professionals to inspect it. This can be caused by reasons such as improper installation or design of the roof. A roof that was unprofessionally completed can have a reduced lifespan and may result in leaks.

However, this could mean bigger problems are underneath, such as failing foundation supports. Therefore, it is crucial that this is inspected to determine the underlying cause and give advice on the best course of action.

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You must regularly inspect your roof for possible problems. A small issue can quickly be addressed before it eventually becomes a huge problem that will require you to replace your whole roof.

Knowing some of the red flags of a damaged roof is, therefore, a requirement. Replacing your roof may be costly; however it has some great benefits, you get a modern new design that will not need maintenance for many years, you also get to revamp your house, giving it a fresh new look.

This can be achieved by choosing the right experts such as Tip Top roofing company.

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