Maintenance 101: 4 Ways to Keep up With an Aging Home

Maintenance 101: 4 Ways to Keep up With an Aging Home
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    Owning an older home does not have to be a challenge.

    Thankfully, there are resources available to help keep up with an aging home.


You will be sure to enjoy your older home if you consider the following four ways of maintenance:

Annually inspect your home’s exterior and interior

Noticing problems as soon as they begin will help prevent the problem from becoming worse and potentially more expensive and involved to fix.

The American Society of Home Inspectors has a spring maintenance check-list you can follow on their website in order to prevent larger problems down the road.

Prevention is one of the most important things you can do as a homeowner.

Maintain the home’s foundation

Keeping moisture out of the foundation is key to keeping your home in good shape and free of mold. Build up the soil around the home’s foundation to avoid rain-water collecting around the home’s exterior. Patch or tuck-point any cracking in the foundation walls when first spotted.Keep gutters and downspouts cleaned. Make sure the downspouts have extensions placed upon them to direct water away from the house.

If you still find water creeping into your basement a sump-pump might offer an easy solution for you. You may even be able to install Wi-Fi sump pumps to give you peace of mind if you are away from your home often. This type of pump allows you to check on any possible problems conveniently from your cell phone.

Inspect your plumbing

Perform a monthly check of all plumbing under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Discoloration of the pipes can be a sign of a problem that can lead to a future leak. Check the toilets for any cracking or deteriorating parts. Also inspect your hot water heater for any cracks or leaks.


Inspect your drains

Check for speed of drainage. A full swirling drain is a sign of healthy pipes. A bubbling drain, however, is a sign of a clog or blocked vent pipe. Cleaning drains yourself can cause damage. Hydro-jetting the drain is the safest way to clear your pipes without chancing any damage and without the use of toxic chemicals.

Hydro-jetting pushes the obstruction and all residue completely out of the drain. Be sure to also clear your drains of any possible tree roots that may be causing water to drain slowly from your pipes. Homes that have many trees may need to have power-rodding done annually to prevent any backup into your basement.

When maintaining an aging home these four ways to keep it in good shape will not only give you a home you can feel proud of but will also provide you with a home you can enjoy and feel comfortable to live in for many years to come.

Be sure to fix or replace any dripping faucets, running toilets and hot water heaters to avoid damage to your home’s interior. This is a basic service you can have a local plumber, like Jim Dhamer Plumbing and Sewer, Inc., perform for you.

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