5 Step Guide on Renovating and Modernizing Your Home

5 Step Guide on Renovating and Modernizing Your Home
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    Renovating your home for comfort or to increase home values can be rewarding.

    It can also be stressful and costly.


The benefits far outweigh the risk in most cases. That is why people do it all the time.

Homeowners can consult architects, contractors, or interior designers for suggestions. You can also search around the net or HGTV for ideas on fixing your home.

Here are a few recommendations of our own on how to increase your property equity while modernizing your home at the same time.

1. Convert To An Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are the “in” thing in architecture. It makes the interior feel more spacious, it saves electricity with natural lighting, and makes the house more child-friendly.

Breaking down walls and dividers of your kitchen, living room, and dining room will increase the effect of natural light. It will also improve ventilation in the entire house. Open floor plans are popular because of those reasons.

2. Update Plumbing And Fixtures

20-30-year-old plumbing is bound to have problems. 95% of plumbing are hidden and leaks can go undetected for years. Apart from the wasting water and its accompanying cost, it also creates a moist environment for molds.

New fixtures also have water saving features. Modern toilets and shower heads have features to save water.

3. New Flooring

If your property was built in the 70’s to the 90’s, chances are, it has plenty of carpeting. Carpets were popular during those decades, but after 30-40 years it has accumulated an amazing pile of dirt and bacteria.

Carpets are also notoriously difficult to clean, especially if you have pets.

Contemporary floor tiles have designs that look like marble, wood, granite, and natural rocks to make your home look luxurious. Tiles are easy to clean and does not accumulate dirt and bacteria they way carpets do. If you have the budget and want increase home values, then hardwood floorings are attractive to home buyers.

4. Fix The Landscaping

The property interior is not the only thing that can increase equity value and comfort. Landscaping is a prime factor in its curb appeal.

There is also the benefit of finding and destroying ant/termite and mosquito breeding grounds that old gardens may have. A landscaping job can also increase the amount of natural lighting by removing overgrowth that blocks the light on windows.

5. Install Modern Security Features And Utilities

It’s rare for a property built before the year 2000 to have embedded internet cables. Nobody likes exposed wiring, but cable internet/TV only became popular the past two decades.

The work involved in hiding all the wiring means you can also install modern security gadgets at the same time. Burglar alarms today have night vision, HD CCTV cameras, motion detectors, mobile notifications, fingerprint door locks, and other bells and whistles that can secure your home.

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A man’s home is his castle and current home security systems have plenty of features to do exactly that. A house is not just a family dwelling place, it is also a place to feel safe and secure.

There are other things you can do to renovate your home, such as modernize your bathroom, kitchen, appliances, windows, and roofing.

A new roof can be expensive and may cost as much as building a house. A new paint job can also do wonders for your home.

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