The Homeowner’s Guide to Preparing Your Home for Winter

The Homeowner’s Guide to Preparing Your Home for Winter
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    With winter on the horizon, it's officially time to start making sure that your home is ready for whatever comes with the season.


If you are a first-time homeowner, or simply not used to the prep involved, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you’re ready. Do these things and you’ll notice that your home is making it through it very good shape. Don’t do them and you might find yourself in a world of hurt.

Give Your Furnace a Once Over

If your home is 20-30 years old and you’ve never replaced or fixed your furnace, you are going to want to have someone out to make sure everything is in working order. The last thing you want to have happened is getting into the middle of the winter and have the furnace go out.

Make sure a professional is coming out like C B Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning or some other firm. This isn’t a do it yourself task in most instances.

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Prepare the Fireplace

Of course, if you don’t want to use your furnace very much and you want to save some more money on your energy bills each month, it would be wise to prepare your fireplace. Having a fire can be a great energy efficient way to heat your home. However, you want to make sure you have your chimney cleaned before starting a fire. You will want to make sure you have enough firewood as well.

Winterize Your Pipes

You’ve likely heard about people suffering from burst pipes but you may not know how to avoid it. One way to make sure you don’t suffer this fate in the dead of winter is to install a pipe insulation sleeve. You’ll then want to cover all parts of the pipe, including the joints. Then seal the covering with duct tape.

Flat Roofs Need More Attention

This is one of those things can slip by even the most veteran of homeowners. If you have a house with a flat roof, don’t let lots of snow gather and sit on it. Make sure you’re clearing after even the lightest of snows so there isn’t any chance of decay and leakage. If your house is too tall for you to feel comfortable doing it, ponying up some cash for roofers to come out is worth it. It’s better the pay even a couple hundred dollars for someone to clear your roof of snow and ice before you’re paying thousands to fix the damage later.

Attic Insulation

If you have an attic or even a crawl space between your roof and the rest of your house, check the insulation. You’ll be amazed at home much money you save in heating costs over the course of the winter with proper insulation. This will also help make your home more energy efficient in that you will have a better time retaining heat in your home. The same will apply when summer hits by keeping the cool air in.

Most of the steps to winterize your home are not time-consuming, difficult or expensive for the most part. Make sure you do these things early and often. If you do, you’ll get through the coldest months of the year just fine.

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