How to Renovate and Re-Sell a House for a Huge Profit

How to Renovate and Re-Sell a House for a Huge Profit
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    You don't want to ever pay full retail on a house that you're going to flip.

    At the same time, you don't want a house that needs so many repairs that it'll wind up costing you the same anyway.


Buy Below Market Value

Scour the internet and local newspapers for house auctions and foreclosures. These homes have been repossessed by either the city or the bank, and they usually sell for cheap. You’ll also be allowed to inspect the house prior to the auction. That way you will be able to begin to formulate a plan on how to fix it up, or if it is even worth the investment.

Hire Good Contractors

You won’t be able to do it alone. Not even if you’re a contractor yourself. You want professionals doing these jobs, and you want to find them before you actually buy a house. Do some research, call around, find references, go see their past work. You want someone who will be affordable to you, and also someone with whom you generally get along. You don’t want to be butting heads every day when work is supposed to be getting done.

Do the Small Jobs Yourself

Calculate how quickly you can repair something against the cost of hiring someone else to do it. If it’s worth it to you, and you actually know how to do the task at hand, do it yourself. There is no shame in painting walls on your own if it’s going to boost your profit margin.

Don’t Add All the Bells and Whistles

Leave that for your buyer. Let them customize the house once they move in. You might think a jet stream tub would make a person buy a house for more money, but it won’t. Fancy appliances like that don’t add enough value to a home for it to be cost effective and increase your profits.  In fact, you’re more likely to lose money that way.

Add Special Touches

Timeless pieces can really add value to your project.  Things like new plumbing or better lighting are more apt to grab a buyer’s attention than the marble countertops that are only subjectively beautiful.  Pick and choose fixtures that are practical and leave the finishing touches to the buyer.

Be Realistic With Your Budget

If anything, over-budget on everything. You don’t want to estimate flooring costs with just the price of tiles. You also need to factor in labor, grout, mortar, and tools.  Suddenly those $4 tiles are costing you $6 or more.  Always round up, and round up often.

Consider Taking a Class

It’s not easy finding out how to learn how to flip homes.  There are dozens of companies out there who will boast the best results. Take the time to do some research and find the company with the best reviews. These classes will help prepare you for nearly every inevitability, and how to maximize your profit.

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