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Sunday Morning Tip for August 02: 5 Simple Steps to Get Started in Investing in Real Estate

Most people are joining the real estate industry as it is the most secure way to multiply their wealth. Do you know that almost all millionaires have invested in real estate?

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Common Mistakes Novice House Flippers Make

Flipping houses isn’t as quick as it looks on cable TV. Novices thinking about investing in houses to flip and resell at a profit should do some soul-searching and some serious planning before entering the business.

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The Biggest ROI in Home Flipping is Hiding in Plain Sight

What is the most affordable and impactful improvement you can make to your property? Is it a finished basement, or a bathroom reno?

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Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 06: Afraid of Theft? How to Ensure Burglars Will Hate Your Home

Protecting your home is something that you should take seriously. There are certain things that make your home a less tempting target.

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Sunday Morning Tip for Dec 30: 4 Things to Know Before You Flip a House

Jumping into the real estate business of flipping houses to make a profit can be an exciting but scary adventure. Although this has the potential to be a great moneymaker for some, it is not always as easy or profitable as it sounds.

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How to Renovate and Re-Sell a House for a Huge Profit

You don’t want to ever pay full retail on a house that you’re going to flip. At the same time, you don’t want a house that needs so many repairs that it’ll wind up costing you the same anyway.

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Makeover for Money: How to Successfully Flip a House

Out of all the ways to make money, flipping houses is one of the most unique methods. Yet, there’s a ton of financial risk involved. If you’re interested in investing in real estate and renovating, read on.

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The Business of Buying: 4 Steps to Take before Flipping Your First House

Flipping your first home is an exciting experience that takes quite a bit of preparation. You do not want to attempt to buy and flip your first house without taking these four steps.

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Weekly Tip for Oct 2: House Flipping Mistakes – How to Avoid

Flipping a house is a challenging task, with many factors to consider. When a flipper decides to take on this massive project, two huge factors are budget and profit potential.

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Rescuing a Distressed Home: Top Tips for Revealing the Beauty Beneath

One of the most rewarding things about real estate investing is that there are so many ways to make money in it.