Effective Tips to Plaster Your Wall in the Best Manner

Effective Tips to Plaster Your Wall in the Best Manner
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    Plastering job is known to be an art form, and not everyone can be an expert in it.

    It requires patience, training and passion to complete the work in a professional way.


A plaster is applied to the wall in order to give it a perfect and smooth finish. Later on, one can add textures and decoration elements on the plastered wall to enhance the existing appearance of the place. Usually, people hire a professional to accomplish this task. As he is trained and he knows the technique to plaster walls.

When an expert is hired for the job, the owner is relived from the stress. As the expert’s own responsibility to this task and provides excellent results. Expert plaster servicemen will have the experience and the right tools to perform the job in a flawless manner.

However, if you are creative and have any knowledge about plaster then you can try out. Some doing it yourself techniques and seeing the result. Nowadays, there are tips, videos and even materials available easily on the internet. That will help laymen to follow and achieve the best outcomes.

Important Tips to help you with Plastering Walls

There are certain tips which when followed correctly will make your plaster task easy. And you will also enjoy doing it. Check them out as follows.

  1. Planning is important:

    Irrespective of what task it is, planning is essential. It goes the same with plastering task as well. A lot of people overlook this and start the process. They later realize the wrong things happened in the due course. You will need to clean the surface and remove the cracks before moving ahead with the task. If the wall is dry then you need to control the moisture before doing anything.

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  3. Primer the surface:

    It is important to primer the surface which will help in reduction of the moisture from the wall. You can even add a solution of water with PVA. This will help to make the foundation strong. Wait until this coat is completely dry before you move on to the next procedure.

  4. Make the right mix for plaster walls:

    Making a right plaster mix is not a big deal. However, it is important to understand some aspects related to it. Make sure there are no lumps in your mixture. For this you need to make the paste smooth in your hand. Generally, the right ratio of water and plastic is 1: 1, so follow this and you are good to go.

  5. Remember to apply two coats:

    The task of plastering will not be accomplished with a single coat. The second coat is applying so that there is enough thickness. It is well secured and also the finish is smooth. While applying the second coat of plaster, do not put in additional pressure. As it might create bumps in the finish. Wait for the first coat to dry completely before you think of second coat.

  6. Put off the electrical sockets:

    As the mixture of plaster has water in it, there are chances of electrocution. When the mixture touches the switches or faucets. Therefore, make it a point to switch off all the electrical sockets before you begin the procedure of plastering.

Once you follow the above-mentioned steps and apply them while you are performing the plaster job. You will surely get the best results for your surface. However, if you still have any doubts then you can contact the experts. They will give you their guidance for the job. You can check out the videos on the web too for plaster walls and ceiling.

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