Ditch The Asphalt: 3 Alternative Paving Options For The Perfect Driveway

Ditch The Asphalt: 3 Alternative Paving Options For The Perfect Driveway
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    Although asphalt is a convenient and quite popular method for covering the driveway, it's not something that everyone wants to deal with as there are a few disadvantages to the material.


Fortunately, there are a few alternatives that you can look into if you want to have a paved driveway on the premises. Before you make a decision about the material used, you need to examine the budget that you have to work with and the purpose of the driveway.


Poured concrete is a material that is a bit more durable than asphalt. Even though it is a little more expensive, you’ll get your money’s worth as it will last longer and provide more freedom with what you do on the surface. It’s also easier to maneuver when pouring if you want a different design for the driveway instead of just a straight line.

Concrete is easier to clear snow and ice away from compared to asphalt. When the concrete is poured, it’s done so in sections so that the material can settle. This also allows for maneuvering the concrete if there is a curve that needs to be put in the driveway.

Paving Stones

An option that is a bit more decorative than concrete or asphalt is to use paving stones. You can mix and match stones that are different shades and that are different shapes to form one large mosaic piece of work for the driveway. This is an option ideal for those who have small areas to work with and who need to place the driveway along the edge of a flower garden or the lawn and don’t want to risk damaging this area of the home.

Once the paving stones are in place, they can be sealed and cleaned by a professional company, like Paving Stone of San Diego, so that they won’t move around. The stones are easy to clean with a pressure washer and steam.


If you’re looking for an elegant look for the exterior of the home, then consider bricks for the driveway. They are ideal for larger homes that have smaller drives and driveways that circle in front of the home. The bricks have a rich color and come in a variety of patterns. When they are combined, the driveway offers a unique appearance for the home. This type of material can increase the value of the property and have a significant impact on the way that the property looks.

When you’re making a decision about the material that you want to use to pave the driveway, you need to think about how much money you have to spend and the space that you want to cover. Another issue that you need to think about is the care of the driveway. Consider walking around to view a few driveways to see how they look before making a decision.

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