Examples of Asphalt Maintenance Services

Examples of Asphalt Maintenance Services
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    There are many ways in which asphalt maintenance services like asphalt paving Seattle do that can improve the look of your property.

    For example, you may notice raveling or alligator cracks.


In some cases, you may even get your driveway or parking lot repaired for free. It all depends on the situation. Read on for more tips on how to find the exemplary asphalt maintenance service for your needs.

Here are a few examples of common repairs and their effects. You may be surprised by the difference!

Repairing Alligator Cracks

While crack filling and sealing are two common examples of asphalt maintenance services, they are not the same. Crack filling is done when the crack is not affecting the structure of the asphalt pavement itself. Usually, the contractor will identify the source of the problem and discuss the best way to address it.

Crack filling is a cheaper alternative to crack sealing, but it may not be a good solution if the crack is growing. Crack filling is also not suitable if the cracks are not confined to a small area. Various materials, such as cutbacks, asphalt emulsions, or liquid asphalt, fill cracks.

Alligator cracks are common asphalt pavement damage and must be repaired. Unfortunately, this type of crack is a sign of underlying foundation issues, and there are no quick fixes for alligator cracking.

Unless you repair the problem quickly, it will only worsen over time. Fortunately, several types of asphalt maintenance services are available for residential and commercial properties.

Repairing Block Cracks

While pavement is a durable material, it can become damaged over time. Common examples of asphalt wear and tear include block cracking.

This phenomenon is typically found on parking lots and residential driveways. This cracking results from freeze-thaw cycles and the drying out of aggregate material.

If left untreated, block cracking can cause the surface to become unfit for foot traffic. To avoid the damage caused by block cracks, contact a professional asphalt maintenance service to repair it.

Block cracking looks like a series of interconnected blocks. Block cracking typically occurs due to problems with the asphalt binding agent, a type of oil-based glue. As asphalt ages, this binding agent becomes brittle and causes the pavement to contract.

In addition, cracking in the asphalt allows water to penetrate the subgrade and weaken it. To prevent block cracking from occurring, asphalt maintenance services should be performed regularly.

Repairing Edge Cracks

Edge cracks occur where the pavement edges do not receive adequate support. This is often the case in rural areas where vehicles often drive close to the outer edges of the pavement.

Other causes of edge cracking include poor base/sub-base quality, frost action, and asphalt shrinkage. As the crack grows, it will eventually expand, and more edges will appear toward the pavement’s center. To prevent this, crack sealant can be used to fill minor cracks.

Other types of deterioration often accompany block cracks. These are rectangular cracks that are often more than half an inch wide. These cracks often result from incorrect sub-base course construction or drainage.

Whether the cracks are load-related or not, a professional asphalt repair service will determine the cause and recommend the best long-term solution. Block cracks are more significant and rectangular.

These are not load-dependent but can develop because of age-related hardening, improper choice of asphalt binder, or other factors.

Repairing Raveling

When it comes to maintaining asphalt, there are some common examples of maintenance needs that must be addressed to avoid more serious problems. These issues can result from poor compaction, excessive wear, or even improper installation.

These issues can lead to uneven surfaces, rutting, shoving, and depressions. Repairing raveling can prevent these issues and help your pavement remain safe and functional. 

While many of these tasks may not apply to every property, the following are common examples. The first step is to sweep the area to remove any debris.

Once this is done, check for rutting or raveling, indicators of pavement erosion. Once that’s done, prevent grass or weeds from growing in cracks or on the edge of the asphalt.

The second step is to keep plants and trees out of the asphalt.

Repairing Oil Spots

A professional asphalt repair company is trained to remove oil stains from your driveway or parking lot. Oil spots are a common problem in parking lots because many older cars tend to leak engine fluids. Occasionally, however, accidents happen, and large areas of oil are left behind.

These oil stains can severely damage your pavement. The most effective way to eliminate them is to use a detergent and water solution.

After cleaning off the spots, a protective seal coat can be applied to the surface. During the cleaning process, you should also seal the asphalt to protect it from future damage.

A thorough inspection of the asphalt surface is vital for the longevity of your paving surface. Oil spots can cause several problems and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Untreated oil stains can weaken the asphalt and cause it to erode from within, leaving you with a much larger bill to pay. A professional should repair oil spots if you want your pavement to last for many years.

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