8 Things That Can Damage Your Driveway

8 Things That Can Damage Your Driveway
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    There's a long list of things that can inflict damage on your asphalt driveway.

    Broken asphalt is expensive to repair, and blemishes such as dents or cracks can appear unsightly.


Watching out for these unexpected things that can damage your driveway will help you detect and remedy them before they cause long-lasting harm or disfigurement to your asphalt.

Improper Installation

An improperly installed driveway is prone to cracking. When exposed to humidity or wetness, the driveway’s surface becomes uneven, which causes the ground to shift and split. To avoid the problems associated with poorly installed driveways, research your contractors carefully. Select one that has reasonable prices and that, more importantly, is known for high-quality, long-lasting results.

Inclement Weather

Different types of inclement weather can affect your driveway, wearing down their surfaces and creating cracks or dents.

Rain is one obvious cause of wear and tear. It washes away your driveway’s sand and gravel base, distorting the surface and rendering it susceptible to cracks.

Rock Salt

It might be tempting to scatter some rock salt on frost and snow, but you should probably refrain. Rock salt can corrode your driveway’s surface and damage your asphalt beyond repair.

As an alternative, sand works well. If you have no other choice, you can still use rock salt—just be sure to wipe off any excess to avoid harming your driveway more than necessary.


Shockingly, another thing that can damage your driveways is shoveling. The sharp blades of metal shovels can scratch at the surface of your driveway, damaging it. Use a plastic shovel as a safer, alternative option.

They work just as well, and they’re unlikely to scratch and dent your asphalt. Dig carefully, and not all the way through—stop roughly an inch above the pavement to avoid striking it.

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      some driveway safety and repair ideas to consider      

Tree Roots

Trees can be fatal to your driveway’s health. The danger doesn’t lurk in fallen branches, pinecones, or nuts—it exists deep below the surface. Roots can push against your driveway’s foundation, causing major cracks.

Avoid planting new trees near your driveway, and do frequent maintenance on the ones that exist. Trim and prune them, and, if necessary, consider investing in a root barrier.

Studded Tires

Studded tires are great for treading through slippery, snow-filled streets, but if you’re not careful, they can dig holes into your asphalt. If possible, park on the street or avoid frequent trips with your studded tire-equipped vehicles.

other valuable tips:

Spilled Oil

Uncleaned oil spots will soak into your driveway’s surface and steadily break it down. If a spill occurs, clean it quickly. For cars that are constantly leaking, leave them off the driveway until they’ve been repaired.

Heavy Loads

Be careful about what you allow on your driveway. Heavy objects such as massive trucks and construction materials can weigh down on the asphalt and cause it to crack. In certain scenarios, potholes can form.

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