How To Ensure Your Home Propane System Is Safe

How To Ensure Your Home Propane System Is Safe
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    An efficient way to heat the home, have hot water or to cook is to do so with propane.


However, just like with a system that is entirely electric, there are some things that you need to look for so that there are no issues with the tank or the components in the home. You can get tools online and in stores to help with looking for gas leaks and ensuring the family is safe from fumes that might occur in the house.

Running Empty

One of the things to keep in mind is that your propane tank is similar to the one in your car or to a kerosene tank., meaning it should never run on empty. When you do get propane back in the tank and any kind of valve is left open, then you might notice a leak in the home. If the tank runs out, turn off everything that uses propane so that this won’t happen. When the tank is empty, it allows for moisture to get inside, which can cause rust to build.

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Checking For Leaks

It’s a good idea for you to know how to search for propane leaks in your home, as if leaks go unnoticed it could be very dangerous and cause serious health problems and danger in the future. Pay attention to odd odors or sounds that are in the home near the items that are operated by propane. If you’re getting a tank filled for the first time or if you’re refilling a tank, a pressure test is often required to see if there are any leaks outside or inside the home.

In the event that you smell gas that could indicate a leak, you need to turn off any flame in the home. Open the windows to release the gas that has built up and to allow fresh air into the house. You should also get everyone, including pets, out of the home. If you’re unsure if you have any leaks or you have any questions contact professionals, like those who offer affordable propane, and have them help you. Working with professionals will help you find more info to answer your questions.


There are times when you might not be able to smell a leak in the home. This is dangerous as gas can cause unconsciousness, and at times, you might not wake up at all. A detector is ideal as it can sense the presence of any amount of propane in the home. It’s a system that is especially helpful in the winter when you’re using a fireplace that is operated by propane or if you’re cooking more with a stove that uses gas. Detectors should be placed in all rooms of the home as gas can quickly travel from the source. There are digital detectors that can give a numerical readout of the amount of gas in the home so that you can see how much is being dispersed.

Open Space

When a new tank is installed, make sure that it’s in an area that is open. You don’t want it to be near large trees as the roots can grow to the tank and possibly interact with the system under the ground. Limbs could also fall on the tank, causing damage that could include a leak or dents to the tank. Keep children away from the tank as well. The lines should have plenty of open space to run from the tank to the home.

Propane is a convenient way to heat the home and to cook with. Monitor your usage so that you don’t run out. Keep a check on leaks that might be in the home or even outside as these can lead to gas getting through the rest of the home in a short time.



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