Notable Benefits of Installing Suspended Ceilings at Home

Notable Benefits of Installing Suspended Ceilings at Home
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    Suspended ceiling is the secondary ceiling which hangs below the main ceiling.

    This has become a staple form of construction and architecture in residential and commercial area.


Effective building requires balancing multiple objectives such as:

  • Aesthetics:
    They were initially made to hide the building infrastructure like pipes, wires and all the duct work it was done by creation of space above the dropped ceiling which will allow access for repairs and inspections. These ceilings were used to hide any structural damage as well. Further, these ceilings also conceal the sprinkler system which will provide full fire suppression functionality.


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  • Acoustics:
    Acoustic balance was also the early objective of these ceilings. Noisy room can over stimulate occupants and while too quiet room may seem dull. The acoustic performance of the ceiling has improved over the years, with an improvement in sound absorption and sound attenuation.

A typical suspended ceiling will consist of grid work of metal channels which will be upside-down T shape; it will be suspended on wire from the overhead structure. The channels break into the regular cell shaped pattern. Ceiling tiles or panels fill in each cell which simply drops into the grid. The cell size of the suspended grid is usually about 2 feet x 2 feet or 2 feet x 4 feet.

An older version of these ceilings is the concealed grid system. In this system the panels get interlocked into each other and the grid with the use of small stripes of method that is known as ‘splines, thus it makes it difficult to remove panels and gain access above the ceiling without any damage to the installations or the panels.

Advantages of suspended ceiling

  • Fire safety:
    These ceiling tiles are mainly made up of fibers, plastic, tin. Some tiles can provide the needed additional resistance to meet the time rating required for various fire codes and other building construction regulations. The material used for ceiling is a factor for fire rating.

    Ceilings have the further advantage that they can be mounted underneath the sprinklers and it makes it very attractive. Certain applications, installations and materials are required when these ceilings are mounted underneath the ceiling. The safety test should be always taken before the use.


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  • Ease of modification:
    Another advantage is that they can be easily removed, which gives instant access to the plenum, simplifying repairs or any alterations. All the piping, wiring installed behind the suspended ceiling is difficult to modify once the ceiling is made. Wires must be either fished through the hollow spaces in the wall behind the finished ceiling. The only other option is to demolish the ceiling if there is any modification work required for pipes or wires. Thus, here the suspended ceiling is very useful as they are easily removable and all the modification work can easily be done. These types of ceiling are mostly seen in offices nowadays and many houses are trying to incorporate this new.
  • Other uses:
    These types of ceilings can be seen in theaters prominently because in theaters the speaker outlets are connected to the ceiling and it gives a very wide dimension of volume and makes the movie experience even better, It gives a visual punch and many LEDs can be connected to these ceilings it makes the house look even more beautiful.

But it is always said that a coin has two sides and there are some disadvantages too, like material that is used to make ceilings are not that great- they show their age quickly, it is a very complex process to fit this ceiling, it also reduces the head room. These ceilings are now a great rage especially in retail outlets as with the advent of LED lighting, suspended ceiling have given designers countless options to deck up the ceiling.

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