When Should Furnace Filters Be Changed?

When Should Furnace Filters Be Changed?
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    There is no specific timeframe when the furnace filter has to be replaced.


According to AccuServ Heating and Air Conditioning, there are different changing schedules that will appear for different homes. This is because various factors will influence the need to change a furnace filter. Maintenance is what counts the most at the end of the day but no matter what you do, replacements will eventually be needed.

While nobody can tell you exactly when the furnace filter has to be changed, there are some things that homeowners should be aware of in regards to the topic. Here is what you should always think about when you look for such information.

The Presence Of Pets

Animals will have an impact on whether or not a furnace filter needs to be replaced. When many animals are present in a home it is a certainty that furnace filters will have to be often replaced. Generally speaking, it is needed to change one 2 inches filter around monthly if many animals are present. The four inch filter will need to be changed once every 2 months. If just one pet is in the home, the filters are changed much less often.

The Dust Present In The Home

Some homes are much dustier than others. When a lot of dust is present, the furnace filters have to be changed more often. Normally the need is to change once per month in a dusty environment. When there is no dust that is needed, changing a filter even once every 3 months can be a reality.

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Is The AC or Heat Fan On?

When an AC fan is always on the furnace filters tend to have to be changed on a monthly basis. When use is not that common, changes are needed less often. The problem is that when a fan often works the dust that accumulates in the filter is much more than when the opposite situation is present.

Smoking In The House

Smoke is so much more detrimental to the furnace filter than what many think. If you smoke inside the home it is a certainty you are going to have to perform changes more often. The more smokers are present in the home, the higher the need to often make the change! The good news in this case is that it is really easy to remove this problem. Just smoke in only one room of the home that is highly ventilated or whenever possible, smoke outside.

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Doors And Windows Kept Open

When your doors and windows are often kept open there is more dirt and dust that come inside. That impacts the necessity to change your furnace filter. By simply closing these more often you can reduce the need to change your filter.

As you can see, much variation is possible. Make sure that you always focus on the exact needs your furnace has. Then, try to increase its life through actions that should be pretty simple based on what was mentioned above.

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