Home Renovations with the Elements in Mind

Home Renovations with the Elements in Mind
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    With the current state of our society in the mindset of living with technology, improvements have reared their heads in many aspects of home living, as well, that have nothing to do with electricity or the internet.


Incorporating natural elements into your home decor is now easier than ever, and new aspects and possibilities are popping up every day. Yet, even with all of this new popularity and growth in mind, interior design seems to still gravitate back to the same four basic principles of nature: fire, earth, water, and air.

The Fire Element

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Fireplaces are suddenly a part of an interior designer’s list of to-dos. They aren’t only made up of bland granite or brick anymore, now that different elements such as tiles, paint, stones, etc., are being incorporated into their design. With the goal of brightening the color of a room, or matching the already-existing furniture or drapes hanging from the windows, fireplaces are no longer seen as simply the structural parts of a house that nothing can be done with.

The Earth Element

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Speaking of granite, stone countertops have been pretty standard for a long time. But, with the rise in quarrying technology, now different patterns, colors, and types of rock are available to accent your kitchen— rocks such as lava rock, and one of my personal favorites, Black Marinace Granite, or “riverbed stone.”

Of course, stonework is not popular within only countertop slabs in the kitchen. You’ll also find other incorporations of the polished rocks in completely different rooms, including the living room fireplace (which we talked about in terms of fire), or the vanity in the bathroom.

The Water Element

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Outdoor ponds and fountains are no longer reserved only for the rich and the famous, and digging one of your own is one of the easiest ways to invite local wildlife into your day-to-day. Whether or not you decide to include a flashy, beautiful crowd of koi fish in the water, you’ll still be opening up the opportunity for witnessing animals stopping by in your backyard for a drink or a rest. Though an outdoor water feature may also invite other more unwanted, human guests, so make sure you read up on what constitutes trespassing (and how to prevent it) in your state!

Particularly if you’re a family with small children, or even just a lover of the outdoors yourself, there’s something unexplainably enchanting about waking up to a herd of deer or a family of ducks taking a moment to enjoy the peacefulness of your backyard.

The Air Element

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During the wintertime when you’re feeling beaten down by the chill in the air outside, there are still other ways to have a foot in the outdoors without ever having to actually step outside.

This, of course, is through the inclusion of a sunroom on your property, or even attached to your house or front porch. A modern sunroom allows room for enjoyment even in the dead of winter, as it can be heated the same as the rest of the house. It also offer opportunity for year-round gardening, as well as being simply a place to get a taste of the outside when you’ve been cooped up in your home during the winter months. Even better, once the sunshine finally returns, there’s no better place to read a book, sip some tea, or watch the ducks in your new outdoor pond, than from the cozy place of your sunroom.


Despite the sometimes-overbearing presence of technology in our everyday lives, still nature continues to thrive on a human’s basic desire to be a part of it. Whether you’re installing a natural pond in your backyard, relaxing on the porch of your sunroom, or keeping warm by your colorfully detailed fireplace, opportunities to roll up your own sleeves yourself and incorporate the natural world into your daily life is more accessible and simple than ever.

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