Awesome Additions: 4 Prep Plans For New Home Features

Awesome Additions: 4 Prep Plans For New Home Features
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    When it comes to the addition of new home features and updates there can be an exceptionally enjoyable time to add some customization and personal touches to the home.


However, in order to be sure of just the right outcome, it certainly helps a lot to get involved with some important prep steps to your project beforehand. Here are four examples of popular home additions as well as the prep steps that help to assure their ultimate success.

Wood-Burning Stove Addition

The addition of a wood-burning stove, such as wood stoves Woodinville, can be just the right element when it comes to style touches and heating needs alike. Such a setup is usually placed in the vicinity of a chimney or flue and consists of a solid-body stove as well as an attached vent pipe. All benefits considered, this is an excellent centerpiece or focal point of nearly any social room.

  • Preparation for such an addition begins with ventilation prospecting, as you must first determine where you will direct the stove’s ventilation pipe. It is also encouraged to consult with local codes requirements on the subject.
  • In many cases, such ventilation pipes can be joined into an existing chimney or flue. In other cases, a pipe will need to be run from the stove to an exterior wall or roofline where it can penetrate and release smoke.
  • Now, consider your surrounding flooring. Carpet is in no way acceptable under or close to this setup and plans for its change will need to be made.
  • Also, consider what type of flooring you will like beneath the stove. Stone materials are always the best here. Finally, you can begin to get quotes on stoves and their installation as well flooring adaptations.

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Window Updates

Window updates can be some of the most cost-efficient changes made to the home. In fact, according to Energy.Gov , highly efficient windows often do completely pay for themselves via associated cost reductions in heating and cooling costs. Here’s how you can best prep for this valuable update task.

  • Unless you are an expert in windows and their installation, the best prep work you can do here is likely that of working closely with an installation service in order to help them prepare.
  • Most of this is done by providing plenty of information up-front with regard to window sizes and styles. Measure all window sides as well as their relations to nearby walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Most find that by measuring and then drawing what they see, it’s easier to relate this information to the installers that will first need to acquire the right windows for the setup.
  • Besides measuring and communicating, plan for your space to be occupied by informing others in the home, planning to move valuables, and provide walkways, window workspace, and restroom facilities to the installers.

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Bar Addition

Adding a bar to the home can certainly have its benefits. Many choose this addition in order to provide an unbeatable social area for drinks and entertainment. Another plus – preparation to add such an element is not typically too in-depth.


  • To get started, one must select the bar arrangement they would like as well as set aside the space in their home for it.
  • Electricity and water are not necessary but are excellent elements to have here. Consider nearby electrical outlets and water pipe locations, if known, for providing these utilities.
  • A contractor will simply join into these nearby sources in most cases. Aside from these considerations, it’s all a matter of taste and style: floors, wall colors, seating, decorations, and so on.

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Plumbing Fixture Updates

Updating your plumbing fixtures can bring a whole host of benefits. Not only do new fixtures look much nicer and add to the value of the home, but they also ward off age-linked failures as well as bring with them new warranty provisions and peace of mind. Let’s get started.

  • To best prep here, you will want to first choose the new fixtures that you wish to have installed.
  • It is important to note though, with faucets specifically, you will need to measure the distance between the centers of the two, farthest-apart handles. This gives you the “spread measurement”, or the distance between the holes in the underside of the mounting surface.
  • Outside of selections, simply clear out the spaces around your fixtures, toilets, and under sinks so that work is easy.
  • Knowing where your water main is as well as how to operate it are helpful bits too.

Additions and updates can be an exciting time for the homeowner. To be more certain of getting the right result though, your direct involvement, at least at the prep level helps quite a bit. These four, awesome addition plans and their accompanying preparatory steps are examples of how to go about achieving just that right conclusion.

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