Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 29: A Plumbing System Checklist

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 29:</span> A Plumbing System Checklist
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    Your home plumbing is something your should inspect every so often to keep it flowing and avoid backup.

    There is a number of endless items you should check - especially if you are looking to purchase a new home.

    It might be necessary to hire a plumber to check your system.

  • Carefully evaluate the pressure of the water –

    by turning on the showers and flushing the toilets. The toilets should be able to empty and fill smoothly. Also, the flow of hot water should be proper. Any sign of dripping water from plumbing fixtures is the result of a leak.

  • Check for plumbing wet patches –

    around toilets, bathtubs, signs for warped wall and flooring, dishwashers, and many more. Water leak usually starts across the walls of the bathrooms. Hence, a thorough comprehensive check is always advisable.

  • Carefully look at the wear and tear of the water heater –

    when was the water heater purchased and has it been serviced. If the water heater is more than 10 years old, it should be replaced. Also, check to see if it is rusted.

  • Check for the length of the plumbing pipes –

    to determine the water pressure. For high pressure, three-fourth-inch pipes are required from the water source to the home.

  • Find out the outlet of the sewage –

    It usually goes into either a septic tank or the city sewer. Also, find out when the main line was last serviced. You should avoid purchasing homes with lead piping.

  • Carefully inspect the basement –

    to see if there is water damage, inadequate repairs, or leaky pipes.

  • Take along a local plumber before finalizing a house or remodeling inspection –

    to avoid being duped by sellers who are selling houses with a substandard plumbing system or by contractors who move or install their own plumbing during remodeling.

  • Look for stains –

    on ceilings, walls, or a musty smell in rooms that are located directly below upper-floor bathrooms.

  • Make sure that the basement drains –

    and the sump pump (if available) is functioning properly.

  • Carefully check the washing machine and dishwasher hoses –

    They can spring some leaks if they are not maintained appropriately. If the hoses were used for more than 10 years, ensure to replace them at the earliest.

  • Listen for gurgling sounds coming from the hot water heater –

    This indicates that sediment has been built up in the water heating tank. Flushing the water heater is a method that can help in overcoming this issue, but this could also indicate that the water heater is coming close to the end of its life.

  • Look for the size of the piping that are currently in use –

    if the pipes aren’t big enough to hold the capacity of the water that is in use, there is a greater risk of failure and incurring more cost for repairs in the future.

  • Ensure that the system used for garage disposable –

    is working properly and there are no strange smells coming from the drain. These smells are a result of sewer gases due to a clog which are potentially hazardous and might bring about negative side effects to the user’s health.

  • Ensure that the down pipes and gutters –

    are efficiently connected to the storm water pipe work. The water should eject into the roadside gutter without any problem. Usually down pipes aren’t connected and water just spills out when it rains and runs to the ground. This attracts termites and other insects because of an increase in the dampness of the environment. The increase of water levels in turn might flood the house.

We hope that you remember the above-mentioned factors and do the needful when you hire plumber for your new home.

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