4 Small Things You Might Be Overlooking in Your Bathroom Remodel

4 Small Things You Might Be Overlooking in Your Bathroom Remodel


If you have recently decided to tackle this project, then take a look at these different upgrades and features that many homeowners tend to overlook.

The Exhaust Fan

Your bathroom’s exhaust fan will be one of the single most important features you install. Not only do these fans make bathrooms more comfortable to be in, but they also prevent damage to all of the nearby materials. Without the proper fan, you might have to deal with issues such as mold, mildew, rusted metal, and rotting wood. Before installing the exhaust fan, you should first make sure that it has the proper rating for the size of your bathroom.

The Shower Curtain

Your shower curtain is going to be a key item in your bathroom, and it can either complement the motif or detract from it. In addition to finding the correct liner size, you need to determine what type of material you would like the curtain itself to be. While fabric curtains often look much better than vinyl curtains, they must regularly be washed to prevent mold from developing.

You will also need to decide if you would like to physically anchor the curtain rod to the wall or hang it with suction cups. Another thing that you’re going to have to think about, surprisingly, are the grommets that will be used.

A grommet is the ring that is embedded into the curtain, which allows it to be hung on the rod. They’re such a small part of your bathroom that you’ve probably never given them much thought. However, it’s important to make sure that they are kept clean or replaced whenever they show signs of wear and tear. They can be easily gotten at local home improvement stores or specialty shops, such as Accurate Products Inc.

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Proper Building Materials and Sealants

Every item and material you buy for this project should be designed specifically for the bathroom. Using kitchen cabinets in the bathroom or generic metal fixtures could lead to damage later on. Items that are created for bathrooms almost always have multiple layers of protection to prevent warping and cracking. If any of the items are not designed for the bathroom, then you might need to apply your own sealant before installing them.

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Will the Layout Work Out?

Your renovation might focus on changing the appearance of your bathroom, but you also need to consider the layout. Homeowners often remodel these rooms only to realize that the cabinet doors cannot open all the way or the entryway doors bang into the walls. The easiest way to avoid these issues is to use digital software to plan every inch of your bathroom. Many different programs and apps are free or very affordable when they are only used for residential projects.

A bathroom renovation can be a significant investment, and that is why it is so vital for homeowners to spend extra time planning these major remodeling projects.

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