Effective Ways to Organize Everything in a Shower

Effective Ways to Organize Everything in a Shower
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    Taking a shower is some people's mini-vacation.

    The steamy hot water, the ability to sing without shame, and the feeling of being clean all contribute to the happy feeling you get from a shower.


But that good feeling is hard to achieve when your shower is a mess. If your tub is so lined with bottles that it’s hard to distinguish the shampoo from the conditioner, you need to do some organizing.

This article won’t stop there, however. This list contains ideas for more than just toiletries. Check out these genius shower hacks and take back your mini-vacation time!

Here are the most effective ways to organize everything in your shower:

Use an Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Sometimes, the right tool for a job that wasn’t even created for that purpose. This is true of a mesh or plastic shoe organizer that you hang over the door.

They have perfect-sized pockets for shampoo bottles, shaving cream, face wash, and body wash. Just about anything that you would use in a shower can fit neatly inside one of these pockets.

All you do is hook it inside the shower curtain facing the wall. You can add it to the hooks that are already there or use a new set.

Since they’re waterproof, you don’t have to worry about mold and mildew. And when they get dirty, you can either throw it in the washing machine or spray it own with a bleach solution.

Just make sure you don’t overload your organizer or it could take the whole shower curtain down. Undoubtedly, it would happen while you are taking a shower and chaos would ensue.

Add an Extra Curtain Rod

An extra curtain rod in the shower can do so many amazing things. You won’t believe what you can do by simply doubling what you already have.

If you add one on the other side of the shower (across from the existing one), you can hang shower caps, washcloths, or even a rack for shampoo bottles from it. And, by bringing that rod down a bit so it sits right above the edge of the tub, you can hang baskets for your kids’ bath toys.

The last place to add an extra curtain would be directly next to the first rod (just outside of the tub). This extra rod creates a spot to hang towels, robes, and wrinkly clothes that’s close to the tub but won’t get wet.

Install a Corner Shower Caddy

Corner shower caddies can be better-than over-the-door caddies because they don’t get as wet and they hardly ever fall (as long you install them properly).

frameless shower doorshowe bench

      some shower styles to consider      

They come in lots of different styles to match your personal taste.

You can install industrial pipe with added shelves from tub to ceiling for a more rustic look, or you can buy a premade plastic one to blend in with your white bathroom.

Stick Some Storage to Your Shower Wall

If you live in an apartment, adding storage can feel impossible. After all, you can’t just renovate the bathroom and build a whole new shower. Even if you own your bathroom, you might not have the budget to renovate right now.

Luckily, you can add space with stick-on storage.

You can buy cubbies with suction cups that provide a place to keep your razors and bars of soap.

There are stick-on hooks, too, that’ll keep your washcloths and bath poufs clean and dry when not in use. This prevents them from getting moldy, whereas leaving them on the side of the tub makes them susceptible to bacteria.

Both caddies and hooks can be stuck to the inside of a glass shower door if the wall doesn’t take to the suction cups.

Mount Your Soap Dish to the Wall

This amazing product is a genius way to keep your shower clean and organized. It’s a three-tiered, wall-mounted soap dispenser that can hold your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in one hands-free spot.

It might cost a little more than the average soap dispenser, but it takes your shower organization to a whole new level.

BONUS: Let Things Hang

Instead of having all your shower necessities lined on the side of the bathtub like little soldiers, why not take a different approach to shower organization?

You can hang baskets from the ceiling to keep your soaps and other products off the side of the tub. Not only will it keep them clean, but it’ll prevent those annoying rings of dirt and grime from forming, too.

goose neck rain showerhand shower head

      some shower head ideas to consider      

You might need some DIY skills for this one, but it’ll only take one or two screw hooks to create a hanging system in your shower.

Once the hooks are installed, you can hang one of those collapsible tiered produce baskets and fill it with sponges, cloths, soaps, and razors.

You can even make your shower whimsical by a hanging swinging shelf from two hooks. This shelf can hold all of your toiletries at a higher level than usual, so you won’t have to bend over to pick anything up!

other valuable tips:


An organized bathroom will always provide a better experience. With your new organized shower, your mini-vacation can proceed as planned. You’ll get out feeling not only cleaner but more relaxed!

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