Ways to Make Your Outdated Bathroom More Luxurious

Ways to Make Your Outdated Bathroom More Luxurious
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    There are so many ways to style a bathroom.

    While some people are happy with a functional bathroom and don't mind a bit of old-fashioned charm, others want more glamour.


If you’re the latter, you’ll be excited to learn there are several ways to update and upgrade your bathroom that are easy and cost-effective and make your bathroom feel like a truly luxurious spa retreat.

Clean the Grout

We all know how dirty grout can get overtime for those who love tile floors, especially if you have pets or small kids around the house (or both). However, nothing is better than soap and water when it comes to removing that dirt from the grout between tiles.

This DIY project can save you money in the long run compared with replacing all of the grout in your home. All you need for this project are items you probably already own: a mop, bucket, sponges, soap, and warm water.

Dip the sponge into the bucket and start scrubbing the grout lines. As you work your way down each line, the dirt gets easier to remove.

Use Stencils to Bring Back That Vintage Look

Most bathrooms tend to have a modern vibe about them in today’s world, thanks to sleek fixtures such as sinks, showerheads, toilets, etc.

As cool as these pieces sound, sometimes adding retro touches to your bathroom can make it feel more personal and cozy.

For example, instead of choosing solid colors in your bathroom decorating scheme, try using bold, bright patterns on your walls and ceilings—like stenciling.

These designs come in various styles, sizes, and prices, making it possible for everyone to enjoy the nostalgia factor.

You can also utilize vintage artwork. Many people overlook the bathroom when it comes to wall art and decor, but it can bring your personal taste into the space.

Put Up Mirrors Wherever Practical

Mirrors reflect light everywhere they go, which means you could literally use one up in every room of your house. From foyers and hallways to bedrooms and bathrooms, mirrors add cheer and help create a feeling of warmth.

Also, by placing a mirror in places where you spend large amounts of time, you can see yourself throughout your day without having to leave your space.

Plus, installing mirrors doesn’t take much effort either, making it a great DIY project even for those who aren’t handy with tools. For your bathroom, consider large mirrors that reflect light to make the space feel bigger and also help you get ready for your day.

bathroom mirrorsbathroom vanity lights

      some bathroom additions to consider      

Replace Window Glasses

Window glass replacement is another option for improving your bathroom without breaking the bank. High quality glass can make any bathroom feel more elegant and sophisticated, particularly if they’re frosted or etched.

Just be sure to choose the right shades for your windows or shower doors, and keep in mind that glass replacements may require specialized skills depending on the type of glass.

Add Sconces

Sconces are decorative fixtures used to illuminate areas of a room. They usually hang directly above a bedside lamp or table lamp, creating a stylish ambiance.

Whether you opt for traditional black candles or LED bulbs, sconces are a quick decoration fix to bring out the brightness in any bathroom.

Bathrooms present unique challenges for homeowners because of their size, design, and function. But as far as the final product goes, no matter how old the bathroom looks now, you can still give it a new life with some basic updates to make it luxurious and modern again.

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