Quick Checklist: How Do You Create the Perfect Backyard for Your Home?

<span>Quick Checklist:</span> How Do You Create the Perfect Backyard for Your Home?
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    As a homeowner, your backyard is your sanctuary and reflects your way of life.

    Each home and family is unique, and your perfect yard will allow you to spend your time enjoying it to the fullest, while showing your personal style.



The first step to creating the right yard for you is deciding how you will use it. Perhaps you have pets and need a place for them exercise. Maybe you want a place to play with your kids. You will need an open lawn for this, and maybe a swing set or tree house.

Do you need a place to relax? Do you plan on raising vegetables or flowers? Consider your social life – maybe you enjoy having large outdoor gatherings, or inviting your family over to a barbecue lunch. Your seating needs need to factor into your backyard plan. Make a list of all the ways you would like to use your yard so you can be prepared to plan the next step.


Now that you know how you want to use your yard, take a look at different styles, keeping in mind the necessities. Consider the style of your home when looking through different styles. A country garden may look out of place with an adobe style home, and a desert garden would look strange with a Victorian row home.

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Hot Tub Spa

One element often overlooked in creating the perfect backyard is a hot tub. Also, spas give you an opportunity for relaxation as well as health benefits for your body. They are great for any kind of social gathering and kids love to spend time in them as well. Spas come in many styles, so no matter your decor, you should be able to find something to fit your needs. You will want to place your hot tub in a convenient location for electrical and water hookup. You can make it a feature of your yard or camouflage it, depending on your preference.

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Every yard takes some level of maintenance. It can be minimal or extensive depending on your choices. A grass lawn requires weekly watering, mowing, and season upkeep. Gardens require weeding and watering. A rock garden takes much less upkeep, but may not fit your style or needs. Cacti are easy to care for, but not good for homes with pets or children.

Access to your water is something to keep in mind. If your garden is on the opposite side of the yard from your spigot, you will be dragging a hose around. Sprinklers in your yard can make weekly care easier, but do require seasonal maintenance.

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Now that you have an idea of what you want, it’s time to see what you have. Sketch out your home and existing features, making sure to mark objects like spigots, fences, and doors. Using Google Earth is a great way to get a bird’s-eye view for your sketch. Now try sketching all your desires. Start with the most important and work to the least. Try different shapes to see what appeals to you most. Remember you can always erase.

Your yard can be as beautiful or practical as you desire. Do not limit yourself, and try different combinations of styles to see what works best for you. Make a list of your needs that fits your lifestyle, think about adding a hot tub, plan for the upkeep, and sketch your ideas. You can hire a contractor or do the work yourself. Your yard will be just right for you and your lifestyle.

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