Weekly Tip for Oct 9: Rainy Climate? 4 Reasons Your Home Needs Ship-Shape Storm Drains

<span>Weekly Tip for Oct 9:</span> Rainy Climate? 4 Reasons Your Home Needs Ship-Shape Storm Drains
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    Most homes experience rain and stormy weather in the fall and winter season for a wet climate that can cause extensive damage to the property over time.

    Fortunately, rain gutters can be used to redirect the water and reduce the risk of damage.


To understand the benefits of ship-shape storm drains, there are a few reasons to have them installed by a professional.

1. Prevent Leaks

Installing storm drains can redirect water off of the roof and prevent standing water from accumulating in the middle of a storm or with heavy rainfall. This will reduce the amount of pressure that is applied on the roof and can prevent leaks from forming if the shingles or tiles begin to deteriorate. Reducing the risk of leaks can protect the interior of the building and can help you to avoid replacing materials that are installed.

2. Protect the Siding

Homes that don’t have storm drains can begin to have damage on the siding of the building due to water that drips off of the roof and causes puddles on the property. The puddles can cause mud to splash up onto the home and will detract from the curb appeal of the building with dirt that accumulates. Using storm drains can redirect the water and prevent damage to the siding.

3. Prevent Flooding

Storm drains are effective at preventing flooding on your property with water that can quickly accumulate in specific areas. This can even cause damage to a basement, which can even lead to dangerous mold and even require the room to be remodeled. Storm drains that are installed by companies like High Speed Plumbing Inc. can keep the water away from the building to reduce the risk of loss.

4. Eliminate Debris

Storm drains that are installed on roofs help to catch leaves and debris that often accumulate on the property, which can be difficult to pick up each week and can become an eyesore in the neighborhood. Drains make it easy to maintain a green lawn that looks beautiful without having too many leaves accumulate in each season due to heavy winds.

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When you’re in a rainy climate, it’s important to take the right steps to maintain your home and increase the lifespan of the materials that are used. By having storm drains installed, you can preserve your property and even increase the resale value of the home with a feature that is worth the investment.

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