Weekly Tip for Mar 27: Simple Ways to Keep Your House in Tip-Top Shape

<span>Weekly Tip for Mar 27:</span> Simple Ways to Keep Your House in Tip-Top Shape
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    Keeping your home in very good condition is important to your peace of mind and to give you pride in the ownership of your residence.

    A beautiful, well-kept home can be a neighborhood attraction.


You love your home and wish to keep it in your family for a very long time. It is important to keep it in perfect condition so this will be feasible. Some methods of doing this include:

  • Regular Maintenance

    Having a routine maintenance schedule will help keep your home in top running order. For example, have your water pressure checked yearly to ensure strong flows of running water to all areas of the home. Pull your refrigerator away from the wall every six months and clean the coils in the back, so it will keep your food at the proper temperatures for years to come.

  • Additional Ideas

    More importantly, always have your AC and heating unit inspected and cleaned every year. Change filters and have your duct work cleaned per the manufacturer’s specifications. This will keep all units running longer, saving much expense in the future.

    Professionals, like those at HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric, regular maintenance can keep your water heater running strong.

    Fixing a piece of equipment like this is much easier than replacing it.

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  • New Additions

    Make a point to occasionally add additions that will add value to the home as well as make it more comfortable and versatile for the occupants. Some suggestions would be a covered patio, wooden deck, sun room, widened driveway, or upgraded appliances. Adding these touches will help your home retain its value and keep up with current housing trends. Also, if you do decide to sell, there will be very little work that needs to be done to get it ready.

  • Easy Aesthetics

    There are many small thing you can do on a seasonal basis that will keep your house looking great. Trim the tree branches in your yard as needed, add bright colored annuals or perennials in the spring, wash your windows often, pressure wash your driveway and sidewalks when dirt and stains build up, and buff and wax your hardwood floors a few times per year to give them that beautiful, natural shine.

    Keeping your home in great shape does not have to be a huge chore. These small touches, done on a consistent basis, will go far in giving your house that well-tended and much-loved look.

A beautiful, well-kept home can be a neighborhood attraction, and when you see passing cars slowing down in front of your home, know that the occupants of the vehicles are seeing and appreciating all of your hard work. Neighbors will emulate your touches, and the entire area will benefit from all of your home’s special upkeep.

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