Pool Safety Prep for the Off-Season

Pool Safety Prep for the Off-Season
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    Pool season is nearly over.

    Yep, the time has almost come to drain or clean (depending on your area) the water, scrub things neat, and cover your big outdoor bathtub until the advent of spring next year.


It’s a sad time. Everyone loves a pool. Over the summer, you’ve no doubt become closer to neighbors, rekindled old friendships, and spent some quality time with your family.

Well, it’s all coming to an end. And you’ll need to wrap things up in a safe manner. Here are some important things to remember as you wrap up the end of another pool season.

Inside Care

Before you cover your pool, clean it! Get rid of any leaves, debris, pool toys, and anything else on the walls of the pool. Scrub off anything gross. Apply some cleaning chemicals so that things still look nice in the spring. Remember to follow chemical directions though; misuse can lead to lining damage.

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Cover Care

You’ll need to cover your pool. When you do, make sure of a few things:

  • Make sure the cover fits completely over your pool.
  • Attach your cover according to directions so that it fits tightly and won’t blow away.
  • Make a note to clean the cover off throughout the winter; it’s easy to forget about pool care in the off-season.

Doing these will ensure that your pool stays clean throughout during the chilly months. You’ll be glad you did when the time comes to open the pool up again in the spring. You don’t want to spend days scrubbing out old leaves, dirt, and unidentifiable sludge from the pool’s walls in preparation.

Keep People and Pets Away

When your pool is empty, make sure people know. You’d think a simple cover would do, but you never know what kinds of trouble rowdy teenagers might get up to. Put up some signs saying the pool is closed for the year. And a small fence around the area wouldn’t hurt, either.

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Have that Last Hurrah!

Your pool will be shut down for many months, so enjoy it while you can! Gather your friends and family together for a big end-of-the-year party. They’ll appreciate your generosity. When you have your party, stick to the standard safety guidelines such as:

  • No diving in shallow water. Make sure your no-dive zones are clearly marked.
  • No food in or near the pool. Wet food is gross and can spread disease.
  • No horseplay in or near the pool. Injuries can occur without warning when people stop being careful. You don’t want your end-of-the-summer bash to leave a neighbor hospitalized.
  • Keep dogs and other pets leashed. Dogs can become overwhelmed in loud situations. If you dog panics and bites neighbor, you can be held legally responsible, according to Teddy Meekins Talbert.

How to Close a Swimming Pool – Clean and Cover a Pool:

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You’re Ready for Winter

By following these and other guidelines, you should be set for the off-season. With a clean pool ready to go for next year, you’ll be able to focus on your daily life without worrying about what things will look like when you open up in the spring.

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