6 Ways To Stop The Burglars To Break-In Through The Garage Door!

6 Ways To Stop The Burglars To Break-In Through The Garage Door!
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    The garage door in your front yard or back yard is one of the most vulnerable entry points for the burglars to your home.

    If you are among those who assume that the large, metal and motorized garage door can’t be opened without the garage door opener, you are probably wrong.

    The intruders around your home know better. 


Don’t let them in. Read on more to make it a safer place.

Gone are the days when windows were more useful for the thieves to peer into the space, looking for the potential items to steal away. Nowadays, burglars favor garages as the entry point into your house. And the reason is quite simple, the ease of access.

These small spaces (garage) often form the easiest pathway into your residence. In case, if these are isolated from the rest of the house, breaking in becomes less risky. But, if it is attached, the intruder can get into the garage, go unnoticed and then gain entrance to the entire property.

Explore some tips here to take preventive action and make your home a safer place to live.

A peephole in the door can help:

Just like you have one in your apartment door, having a peephole in the garage door can make it safer. This turn out to be an incredibly handy little concept.

Just imagine there are some noises coming from your garage. Having a peephole allow you to assess the situation rather than storming right through the door of your garage. What if you meet with a criminal carrying a weapon? Yes, this could be highly dangerous. So, a small peephole and you can protect your family from those suspicious situations.


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Frost the garage door windows:

While these might be good when it is about natural light, but these turn into pain when it comes to security.  The reason being, they serve as a great feature for the thieves who are always yearning for a view point to check in for your property.

No, here it doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your windows. There is a simple way out to enjoy natural light into the garage, meanwhile making it a safer place. All you need to do is frost them. So, now the light can still get in, but the vision is covered due to the frosted glass.


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Go for motion detector lights:

Spending some extra bugs for your better safety is not a bad option, isn’t it? While you invest a huge amount in making your home safe, garages are the spaces are often overlooked. So, this little handy tip can put the spooks up for those intruders pondering around to make you a target. Hence, you can think on a good security system, might an alarm and motion detector lights. This perfect package simply seals down your garage from any invasion.

Basically, the detectors identify the body temperature and moving objects. Thus, if anything is picked up by the detector, the light will come on for a pre-set period of time. It will notify you that something is moving in your garage. Having these will alert everyone else in your neighborhood too.


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Never leave the garage remote in the car:

This could be another huge mistake. Definitely, you want to make it as hard as possible for the burglars to gain access, isn’t it?  What if you left the remote to your garage door in your car and somehow the thief manages to break into your car? Simply now he has access into your garage, that too without putting much effort. And then all the way to your home becomes an easy entry for him.  Put in your reminder list to always take the remote along with you whenever you park the car outside. Even if you have parked in the garage, leaving the remote is not a good thing to do.

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Don’t leave you door open:

Do you know a large number of thefts occurred due to the reason that the garage owners left their door opened?  No doubt, you might have safe neighborhoods, but you never know when an emergency knocks down. Hence, add into your habit to shut the garage doors, which else would temp the criminals, probably driving through your neighborhood. 

Better locking systems:

Another investment you could make is in having something like a coded entry system.  Do you want to make it hard for the intruder to get into your garage? At times, you might not spot the motion detector lights or alarms. But you can still make it as harder for them to bypass the door leading into the house. Padlocks, deadbolts and coded entry systems can be ideal solutions. This makes the door strong and secure, just like the front door to the house.

Remember, you cannot afford to take the garage door’s security for granted. Secure it to make your home a safe place to live in!

Author Bio:
Oren Linder is the author and founder of ASAP Garage Door Services Inc. He loves to write about home improvement and his expertise is in garage doors.

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