The Benefits of Steel Garages Vs. Wooden Framed Ones

The Benefits of Steel Garages Vs. Wooden Framed Ones
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    If you're planning on building a garage on your property, the kind of material to be used should be your topmost priority. It has to be of excellent quality, practical, as well as easy on the eyes.


While a metal garage may not usually be most people’s first choice, it offers a number of perks, such as durability and versatility. People often think of a wooden framed garage as the best option, but there are actually plenty of downsides in using this material.

Opt for a steel garage versus a wooden framed one based on the following reasons:

1. Easier to build

There are DIY steel garages for sale in the UK that you can put up yourself as they’re not labor-intensive to build. You’ll only need a handful of people to help you in erecting the structure, and you can select from friends and neighbors who have DIY or construction knowledge.

A wooden garage, on the one hand, requires a full ensemble of construction workers, possibly including an architect and engineer, since the pieces of wood need to be built piece by piece.

2. Versatile

Metal garages are versatile, and many people prefer them over the other one because of the uncomplicated installation process.

You can put up a metal garage on any flat surface. It also offers a range of customization features, so it could easily conform to your needs.

You can also add additional structures to a steel garage later on, and it will be easier and more cost-effective to do so than with a wooden framed one.

3. Steel garages are designed to withstand the elements

Steel garages have been designed to endure the likes of strong winds, intense heat, and rain. As time passes, these elements will take their toll on the material of your garage building. If you choose a wooden framed one, there is a much higher chance that heavy rains will cause it to attract mold and mildew. Wood is also vulnerable to rot and termite infestation, which translates to expensive repairs.

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4. Easier to clean

Steel garages are also easier to clean than wooden framed ones as you’re only going to need a power wash and a mild solution. Wood garages can also be cleaned in a similar fashion, but drying time will take too long because water gets trapped inside the wood, and it needs considerable air-drying time for all the moisture to evaporate fully.

5. Steel garages can have many uses

A steel garage can be erected anywhere as an outbuilding, allowing you to be creative with it. You can build it near your main house and have it serve as an office. This is especially good if you want some privacy whenever you work.

You can likewise use a steel garage as a man cave where you can put up a pool table, play some music. and entertain guests. You can even use a steel garage as a one-door apartment or a bedroom away from the main house. A steel garages can also be erected near a pool and function as a poolside cabana.

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Some of the disadvantages of having a wooden framed garage are:


The interiors of wood garages degrade over time, which means you will have to apply an extra sealant to avoid water damage and for such damage to seep through the inside of your wooden structure. You also need to paint your wooden framed garage regularly to maintain its structural integrity and beauty.

2. Fire hazard

Wood catches fire more easily. A wooden framed garage will never give you peace of mind as there’s always a possibility of it being engulfed in flames. Steel, on the one hand, isn’t flammable, saving you from unnecessary worries.

other valuable tips:

3. Wood generally costs more

Wood materials cost more than other construction materials. Additionally, there is also the effort of having to source these materials and transport them to the site. You also have to cut the wood according to the specifications of the building you want to erect, and this is labor-intensive.

On the one hand, the metal ones come in panels, and you can assemble them quickly like a jigsaw puzzle. Steel garages are also manufactured through an assembly line, which means that they are of higher quality. Generally, repetition in an assembly line leads to more accuracy and better quality.

Final Thoughts

Based on the discussion above, it’s safe to say that steel garages are a more practical and better choice over the wooden framed ones because of their strength, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness, plus they’re easy to install.

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