De-Clutter and De-Stress: 9 Tips for Organizing Your Garage

De-Clutter and De-Stress: 9 Tips for Organizing Your Garage
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    How often do you feel like you don't have enough storage space in your home?

    If you feel this way more often than not, you're not alone. So many homeowners struggle to find practical solutions for their storage needs.


The spaces in your home that are built for storage, like garages and basements, are usually taken up with piles of boxes and general clutter instead.

While it would be nice to rid yourself of the mess, most things you’re storing are important to you – that’s why they’re there in the first place. It’s not as easy as throwing everything away to get your extra space back. Instead of ignoring the disorganization and moving the task further down on your to-do list, take a stand against the clutter! Take back your garage from the snow shovels and holiday decorations, turning into an organized and useful space!

40 Awesome Ideas to Organise Your Garage:

De-stress and de-clutter your garage with these easy, useful solutions:



1. Learn to Love Pegboard

All uber-organized garages have one thing in common: pegboard. This versatile material allows the most picture-perfect garages to stay organized. Certain hooks, shelves, racks, and more are made to mount in pegboard, giving you endless options! You can find pegboard in any size and style you need at your local hardware store. To maximize the walls of your garage, purchase enough to cover at least one wall, floor to ceiling.

2. Stack your Shelving

Once you have your pegboard installed, you can find just about every mount you need. Shelves are one of the most useful pegboard accessories for organization. Instead of placing a few shelves on the pegboard, strategically place them to maximize the space. Leave larger spaces towards the floor, descending in size to the ceiling. Stack your larger things, like boots and buckets, closer to the floor. Then, store flower pots or cans in the smaller spaces.

3. Use Magnet Strips

Magnetic spice jars are a popular storage trend for kitchen designs; why not use them in your garage too? Most tools are made of metal, perfect for sticking on a magnet. Heavy-duty magnet strips can hold most everyday tools. You’ll have easy access to your hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and more when they’re held up by magnets.

4. Use the Ceiling  

Most people only focus on the walls of their garage when they’re trying to maximize space. Ladders, bins, chairs, and more can be stored on the ceiling of your garage. Fasten wire closet shelves to the ceiling beams, leaving enough room between the shelf and the ceiling for storage. Also, nets or bungee cords can be used to secure lighter objects, like balls and pool toys.

5. Move your Car

If you really need all of the storage space you can get, relocating your car from the garage may be a good idea. Garages are meant to keep cars safe from elements, but sometimes they work better as a dedicated storage or workshop space. Your car doesn’t have to be exposed to the weather with the use of a carport, though. Carports are affordable, portable structures that can protect your vehicle as well as a garage can.

6. Create Hanging Space with Curtain Rods

Most garages are unfinished, with exposed beams and framework. You can make the most out of these exposed spaces by installing curtain rods between two beams. Tension curtain rods works best here – they’re able to stretch to the size you need. These rods serve as the perfect storage space for rolled things like tape and twine.

7. PVC Pipes for Garden Tools

While you can mount your household tools on magnetic strips, this isn’t really a practical solution for storing your garden tools. A rake is heavier than a hammer and takes up a lot more space. PVC pipe pieces are an excellent way to keep your garden tools from falling and creating clutter. You can purchase and cut larger PVC pipes at your local hardware store. Simply mount them to the walls of your garage as an easy holder for the handles of your rakes, shovels, and more!

8. Hang a Shoe Rack

A hanging shoe organizer is the perfect storage for anything but shoes! These work really well for organizing and storing things like spray paint, car cleaners, and cleaning supplies you don’t use in your home. Storing cleaning chemicals in a shoe organizer keeps them up and out of reach of your kids, making your garage a safer space.

9. Grab a Sharpie 

When all else fails, simply labeling your boxes and storage containers helps keep you organized. If you don’t have a lot of room to play with, consolidate and store similar items together. Clearly labeling boxes helps you save time when you need to find something in a pinch. Get into the habit of labeling and grouping everything else you add to your garage in the future to ensure you stay organized.

You can reclaim your garage, turning it into more practical storage space. Whether you finally want a place to park your car or you dream of a workspace dedicated to your favorite hobby, you can have it. All it takes little time and creativity to get there!



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