A complete guide of Garage Door Opener Installation

A complete guide of Garage Door Opener Installation
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    There are various kinds of garage door openers available in the market.

    The common element among them is the presence of an electric motor, which works as the lifting mechanism for the garage door.


A belt or chain comes along with the door opening mechanism, and it makes really simple for the house owner to lift and close the garage door with the help of the automatic system.

Nowadays, it is quite easy to hire a professional who can install a door opener. But, the process of installation is not at all complicated. If you follow the steps carefully, even you can do the installation, which in turn can help you to save good amount of money. So, the question is- how to go ahead with garage door opener installation? Well, check out the points below to get some idea about this process.

Tips you need to follow for garage door opener installation

Garage Door Opener

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There are different types of door openers available these days, and the motor mounted design is the most commonly used one. Apart from the motor mounted one, some house owners also go for the torsion spring openers; however, it is not quite a popular one. The motor mounted ones are meant for heavy doors, and ensure prolonged usage.

  • Check the clearance:

    During the time of installation; it is very important to measure the gap between the top portion of the garage door and the ceiling area up to which the door travels. Be cautions while installation as the gap should not be less than 3 inches. In case, it is less then you have take away the top part of the door in order to create way for the door’s opener track. You can also consider the idea of removing the top roller brackets and replacing them with low clearance ones.

  • Angles for mounting

    In order to mount the garage door on the opener, you will need something, and iron made angles are the best option in this regard. All you have to do is fix them to the ceiling, which will also add more aesthetic value to your garage door. In addition, the angles will also provide good amount of strength to the door opener.

  • Door balance:

    Make sure you test the balance of the door.  In this regard, you can shut the door and activate the emergency release cord. Now, simply lift the garage door halfway up and then release it. In case the door does not move, it means the balance is good enough.

Garage Door Opener

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If you are not comfortable with DIY installation then it is better to hire professionals for garage door opener installation .

  • Selecting the right opener:

    When it comes to purchasing of an opener for your garage door, it would be better if you go with a 1/2 hp or 1/3 hp opener, particularly if it is a single door. As a matter of fact, 1/2 hp would be more apt for a double door. Every opener comes with a set of opening speed. For this reason, if you are thinking that an opener with higher horsepower will open your garage door more quickly, you are wrong.

  • Use a ladder

    You can use a ladder for placing the opener, which in turn will make things easier for you during the time of garage door opener installation. You will find it easier to align the rail of the opener at the center of your garage door.

So, those were some of the tips you can keep in mind when it comes to the installation of garage door openers. Please leave us a comment on any experience the you can share.

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