Laying the Foundations for General Home Décor

Laying the Foundations for General Home Décor
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    The foundations for successfully decorating your home:

    • keep enough available space
    • plan ahead if you have a growing family
    • know how many guests you will be entertaining
    • cut back on compulsive shopping


When you had moved into your new home, everything was in the perfect place and you had a beautiful home. But gradually your house starts getting cluttered and begins to lose its charm. But there are certain things that you can keep in mind so that your house retains its charm for a long time.

1. Keep space in your home

Typically when you move into a new home, you are trying to decorate each nook and corner. A vase here, a recliner there. A planter here and a painting there. Basically you are trying to decorate your complete house. It is a good thing but the only thing that you are missing here is a plan for the future.

You need to remember that you would be staying in that house for a long time. During that time you would be going out for vacations and bringing back souvenirs. But you have no place to keep these. In the same way, your friends will be getting you some things during the house warming party. You would be buying stuff on your birthday, anniversary and so on. Keep space to fit in all these.

In fact, you can install spot lights where you wish to hang a painting, even if the painting is not there. Have plenty of space on your shelves for keeping the next artifact, rather than filling them completely. Have a bookcase with extra space for more books.

2. Your family will grow

You know that your family will be growing. That beautiful glass artefact will have to be kept aside to make way for the baby crib. You will need an extra closet.

In case you try and manage with what you have already, it will lead to a lot of clutter and mess.

In addition to toys and clothes, you will need more moving space too.

3. Accommodate your guests

Know how many guests will be visiting your house, for how long and how frequently. Accordingly, you need to provide space for them.

Infrequent guests can be accommodated anywhere, but if you have guests coming over all the time, it is best to have a separate guest room. This way your house will not be getting disturbed too. They will need a washroom and a closet too.

2016 is a new year. So why not take this year to redecorate your home with something new and modern.

Another resource for you reading enjoyment is our home interior design center. It provides everything you need in interior home ideas.

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4. Stop your shopping spree

Many of us are compulsive shoppers. If we like something, we buy it whether we need it or not. Now we try to fit it in the available space.

It is always better to remove something before buying anything new in order to maintain balance. This applies to clothes, furniture and everything else.

As you can see, home décor is much more than just buying things and placing them in the house. You need to think and plan in order to ensure that your house looks beautiful and well-organized always.

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