5 Budget Friendly DIY Bed Frame Ideas

5 Budget Friendly DIY Bed Frame Ideas
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    The bedroom can be undervalued as a room and once you've finished with the décor little is left for your bed but with these budget friendly DIY frames you can give your bedroom the stunning center-piece it deserves without breaking the bank.


Life is expensive and we spend more of our income, as a percentage, on our rent and mortgages than on any other household bill. If you’ve just moved into your own place for the first time you’re probably experiencing the most brutal part of independence – decorating and furnishing your home.

Renovating your home, even after years of collecting furniture, is costly and time consuming. Often we focus the bulk of our budget and effort on communal rooms or those on ‘show’ like the living room, dining room and kitchen leaving little in the budget to create a great bedroom (a free budget calculator can help with this). The bedroom can be undervalued as a room and once you’ve finished with the décor little is left for your bed but with these budget friendly DIY frames you can give your bedroom the stunning center-piece it deserves without breaking the bank.


The easiest, but not often the cheapest, way to create an interesting bed is to purchase something antique looking from Craigslist or similar and put a lot of elbow grease into sanding, priming and painting the hell out of it. Wrought iron and solid wood frames are the best for such projects.

Bookcase Bed

Repurpose old bookcases by turning them on their sides, securing them with a few bolts to minimize shifting and screwing a piece of inch thick ply to the top to place your mattress on. You now have a raised bed you can personalize with any headboard you like – upholstered ones are really luxurious and inexpensive if you care for another project – and plenty of storage space to boot. You can do the same with Expedit shelves too.

Environmentally Friendly Low Base

The key to a truly wonderful night’s sleep is not in the quality of the bedframe but the comfort of the mattress so rather than splash out on an expensive bedframe, hunt around on sites like Bedstar for deals on the best mattress you can afford. Once you have that mattress, you may already have it, you can fashion a low bedframe from discarded shipping pallets which are in abundance and happily given away for free by storage bin companies, wholesalers and even at Costco. Four pallets in rows of two sanded to a smooth finish make an excellent base and you can angle two more to make a simple yet elegant headboard from discarded materials. You’ve saved the planet from more waste and the open nature of pallets will allow your mattress to breathe, prolonging its life.

The Hardware Store Option

A few basic items from your local hardware store and a couple hours of effort and you’ll have a perfectly usable platform bed for pennies.

Start off by making a box frame about half an inch narrower than your mattress (this is so you don’t bang your shins getting into bed) using 2” by 4” planks. Strengthen this with two support beams in the middle of your frame going horizontal to create three ‘panels’ of empty space. A half inch thick piece of plywood is all you need to tack in to your frame to rest your mattress on. You may need to get this cut into two pieces so make sure they are vertical to the head and toe of your bed.

You can place this directly on the floor, add some legs or do both top and bottom of your frame with ply and rest it on no fewer than three railway sleepers. You can pick these up from any reclamation yard to give a really expensive look but without the cost.

Bankers’ Boxes

If you are running short on time and need to get your mattress off the floor ASAP but are keen to try one of the above projects you could use bankers’ boxes. These reinforced boxes are designed to cope with heavy loads of paperwork and files so will easily carry the weight of your mattress, plus its users, if you use a whole bunch of them. They are quite cheap to buy but you might even find an accountants’ office willing to give them to you for free.



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